George Ewald

George Ewald (* 30. October 1926 in book wood; † 14. September 1973) was a Minister for land, forest and food processing industry of the GDR.


after the attendance of the Landwirtschaftsschule was Ewald in the parental agriculture enterprise actively, until it became to call up 1943 into the armed forces.

1946 - 1949 he was an agricultural worker. it joined 1946 the FDJ and the SED . 1949 1950 he was a mayor of its place of residence and 1950 1953 circle advice for agriculture and circle tag delegate of the circle Stralsund. 1954 - 1955 it visited the party university and was active thereafter in the SED Kreisleitung bath Doberan and Rügen. 1960 - 1963 he was a first secretary of the SED semidirect line new Brandenburg and district tag delegate, thereafter member of the central committee of the SED, candidate of the Politbüros of the ZK of the SED, member of the presidency of the Council of Ministers and Minister for land, forest and food processing industry. Ewald had an accident to 14. September 1973 deadly.


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