George Ferdinand ducking joke

George Ferdinand ducking joke (* 29. September 1904 in Bremen; † 16. February 1973 ebda.) was a German diplomat and undersecretary of state. During the Second World War by his initiative 7,000 Jews in Denmark were retained from the evacuation into the extermination camps, see: Rescue of the Danish Jews.

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lives and working

ducking joke, which originated from an old-established of Bremen buyer family, was as a young man a soldier in a free corps. It began to study the study after the Abitur political economy, locked themselves in Freiburg the Corps Rhenania Freiburg on, fallow however and occurred 1927 the company Kaffee Hag , for which it went to 1928 as an address leader to Copenhagen. First it was inspired by the ideas of Hitler and became already 1932 member of the NSDAP. He worked since 1933 in the “office with regard to foreign policy” of the National Socialist party and was there active as a Scandinavia adviser. After the murder action of the NSDAP guidance against internal-party Opponenten, bemäntelten as “Röhm Putsch “, ducking joke began to turn away internally from the party, without withdrawing however. 1935 it acknowledged the service for the NSDAP and changed into the Schiffereiwirtschaft, which led to the removal to New York town center, where he worked for the Hamburg America line.

To the 1. September 1939 occurred ducking joke the service of the realm traffic Ministry , which used it in Copenhagen as navigation expert. it changed 1941 into the scope of responsibility of the foreign office. In the framework it gave its knowledge to this activity in September 1943 over German plans, Jews from Denmark to deportieren further, whereby it could use its contacts to Danish shipowners. It helped Jews by its negotiation politics to flee to Sweden. After the Deportationsbefehl to 18. September 1943 with the German envoy had been received in Copenhagen Werner Best, negotiated ducking joke already three days later in Stockholm with the Swedish government about the admission of Jewish refugees. Thus 7,000 Danish Jews could be saved before the Deportation, only approx. 500 was removed after Theresienstadt, in addition, of these survived 90%. But it was distinguished 1971 of the Holocaust - memorial place Yad Vashem as fair among the peoples. The Jewish municipality Berlin lent for its employment 1970 the Heinrich steel price to it. 1953 had already lent Denmark the Komturkreuz of the Dannebrog medal to it.

Ducking joke got over Paul Kanstein, the deputy envoy in Copenhagen, contact to the resistance fighters 20. July 1944, in particular to Ulrich of Hassell, Fritz Dietlof count of the school castle and other coworkers of the Foreign Office. If the coup d'etat would have been successful, then ducking joke had been supposed to complete as new envoys (it should have replaced Best) the crew regime in Denmark and Norway.

To the end of the Second World War ducking joke returned first not to Germany , but remained in Copenhagen, it in the meantime a second homeland had become and worked there as a representative of the West German Chambers of Commerce at attaching economical contacts. During the reestablishment of the Foreign Office it was adjusted there and began his activity with the Consulate General in Copenhagen as a director/conductor of the restaurant department, before it changed 1953 as consul to Helsinki. 1955 it returned to Copenhagen and became there an Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany. 1958 he became director/conductor of the east department of the Foreign Office in Bonn. It demanded not to apply the Hallstein doctrine to the states überfallenen of the German Reich such as Poland and also not on Israel. One must place here moral before political categories. When it could not succeed with this opinion, it changed on the posts of the German Ambassador in India to again Delhi. 1965 it was shifted to own desire into the retirement.

Ducking joke had close contacts from its time as a director/conductor of the east department of the AA to the governing mayor at that time of Berlin Willy Brandt, with whom it divided the view of the necessity for new east politics. When Brandt became 1966 Federal Ministers of Foreign Affairs, it fetched already soon (October 1967) ducking joke back as an undersecretary of state into the active service. An office, which it kept also under walter cross-eyed. After the Warsaw Treaty had been signed over the GermanPolish relations - here was ducking joke of the negotiators of the Federal Republic of Germany -, it stepped finally into the retirement.


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