George Friedrich Kersting

the elegant reader, 1812
Strickerin at the window

George Friedrich Kersting (* 31. October 1785 in Güstrow, † 1. July 1847 in Meissen) was a German painter of the romance and a friend of Caspar David Friedrich.

1804 it begins a study at the Kopenhager academy of arts. To the attendance to the academy in Copenhagen Kersting went to Dresden, where he writes himself at the there academy of arts. In Dresden he finds connection to a circle, to that among other things Gerhard of ball gene, Theodor of grains, which belonged to painter Louise Seidler and Caspar David Friedrich. 1813 it joins the Lützower Corps . It leaves Dresden and participates in different battles against napoleonische troops. 1815 it moves to Warsaw and works as an indication teacher. 1818 he married Anna Sergel and became a painter chief to the royal-Saxonian Porzellanmanufaktur in Meissen, where he works to to his end of life.

Kersting became by biedermeierliche Interieurs admits. As its probably most well-known picture the Stickerin at the window ( national art collections Weimar ) is considered. It shows the play with the beam of light, typical for it. Besides also haven advice, landscapes and history pictures of the 1830er and 1840er come years from him.

Kersting had 4 children.

Today a primary school in its place of birth Güstrow carries its name. The city maintains its memory with a presentation in its museum.


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