George Friedrich Kolb

George Friedrich Kolb (* 14. September 1808 in Speyer, † 15. May 1884 in Munich) was a German publisher, journalist and a politician.


1827 transferred Kolb the paternal letterpress printing to Speyer and worked from now on as journalist and a publisher, among other things in the new Speyerer newspaper as well as author rot-hits a corner - Welcker 'schen state encyclopedia. Due to its articles it was arrested for the first time 1832.

Kolb was a formed liberal politician. He was among other things participant of the Hambacher of celebration 1832 and 1847 to the Heppenheimer conference was invited, in which he did not participate however. It was delegates in the Vorparlament, president of the electoral committee of the fifties-committee and represented of 18. May 1848 up to 18. June 1849 Speyer in the Frankfurt national assembly.

1849 he was co-signatory of a call to the realm condition campaign and had after the defeat of the revolution into Switzerland to flee. 1868 - 1869 it was parliamentary groupless member of the realm daily.

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