George count

Georg count (* 15. March 1875 in Munzingen; † 1955 in Dillingen) were German Orientalist. It was one of the most important representatives of the science of the Christian Orient.

In the year 1905 it attained a doctorate to the Dr. phil. with a study the Christian-Arab literature, title additive: up to the Frankish time (end of the 11. Century). From this work its contact resulted to the magazine aluminium-Machriq, justified by Louis Cheikhô. In the years 1910 and 1911 he stopped in Jerusalem and studied themselves there Christian literature in monasteries, connected with a short stay in Beirut.

In the year 1918 it received its doctor of theology at the university in Freiburg with a work over Marqus Ibn aluminium-Qunbar (a reform attempt within the Kopti church in the twelfth century), which was published in the year 1923. Further research stays in Egypt, Syria and Palestine followed. In the year 1930 he was appointed the fee professor for Christian-eastern literatures at the theological faculty of the University of Munich. In the year 1946 he was appointed the papal Hausprälaten.

Altogether count over 270 books, articles and publications over the Christian Orient published. It published a large number of to date unpublished Arab works. It was long time publisher of the Arab series of the corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium and the magazine Oriens Christianus. As its Hauptwerk five-restrains history of the Christian of Arab literature may do to apply (Vatikanstadt 1944-1953)


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see also: Research and Dokumentationszentrum for Christian-Arab inheritance in Beirut CEDRAC


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