George liver

George (“Schorsch “) liver (* 7. October 1920 in upper depth brook) is a German politician (SPD).

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training and occupation

George liver made commercial training, later still another bricklayer teachings. In 2. World war was it from 1939 to 1945 soldier at the Air Force.


liver is son of a bricklayer. It was married with Erna Maria geb. Wilfing from 1943 to their death 1984. From this marriage son Manfred originates. Today liver is again married.

1947 occurred a party

and trade union George liver the SPD and the trade union “industrial union component ground connection “. From 1957 to 1966 he was a chairman of the trade union.


it was from 1957 to 1983 member of the German federal daily, from 1958 to at the same time 1959 the European parliament. From 1979 to 1983 George was liver Bundestag vice-president.

1966 transferred

public offices George liver briefly in the cabinet of the large coalition of Federal Chancellor George Kiesinger the office of the Federal Minister for traffic. In this time also its idea developed, for the so-called. “Liver plan” that no more German should live than 20 km far away from a highway entrance. Even if in the 70's many new motorways developed, this “liver plan” was not converted 1:1. It kept this office as Federal Ministers of Transport also after education of the social liberals coalition under Willy Brandt. Additionally he took over also the Federal Ministry for the post office and telecommunication system. he handed both Ministries to 1972 over at Lauritz Lauritzen and became successor of Helmut Schmidt as a Federal Minister of the defense.

Liver was among the German Federal Armed Forces members much likes and of them as a “soldier father” was designated. In its term of office the army was increased around three brigades. In October 1976 liver shifted the two Air Force generals Karl Heinz Franke and walter Krupinski into the retirement, because they had invited the nationalistic pilot Hans Ulrich herd against express instruction to a tradition meeting and this with a comparison of the LV past of herd with the kp past of the Social Democrat Wehner had excused harsh ore.

George liver stepped against the will of Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt to 2. February 1978 back and took thereby the political responsibility for the listening employment of funds military shielding service, which had heard its secretary in her dwelling without Lebers knowledge, since she was suspected of the espionage for the Ministry for public security. This turned out afterwards however as wrong. The Minister experienced at the beginning of of 1978 of the illegal hearing action, communicated this however to the Bundestag only after to 26. January 1978 the pictorial Quick an appropriate article had published. George liver concealed illegal hearing of the party communist federation West Germany, from which he had only afterwards experienced according to own data, because he had considered her legal. Only “a thorough legal investigation” arranged by it resulted in the opposite. Lebers successor as Secretaries of Defense was Hans Apel.

other offices

1984 was liver mediator in the metal wage controversy. After it designated the compromise planned a reduction of the weekly work time on on the average 38.5 hours.

Liver of chairmen of the executive committee of the international federation (following honorary chairmen ) was from 1981 to 1997, a free carrier of the youth, social and education work.


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