George matte house Vi

Georg Matthäus Vischer
George matte house Vi
George matte house Vi (* 22. April 1628 in Wenns (Tirol); † 13. December 1696 in Linz) was a Austrian Topograf and clergyman.

Vi provided on behalf the conditions maps and drew cities, castles, locks and monasteries in the area Lower Austria, upper Austria, Steiermark, Mähren and Hungary. Often these passes are the oldest received illustrations the same.

George matte house Vi ranks among the most important Kartografen and Topografen, which brought Austria out ever. Despite its religious occupation the Geografie and the measurement art were its actual appointment. Rural descent it was born, was referred for some years the Stamser monastery school, left however due to unfavorable economical conditions of its family this life behind itself. As 15jähriger he saw the final phase of the dreissigjährigen war, where he served Sporck in the Swabian one under general.

Only 1648 was it back in Stams, and after a broken off Noviziat did not begin for a Vi unsteady, always completely restorable life. Anyhow it worked several years as Pfarrgeistlicher, usually however as “free” Kartograf. Regarding the acquisition of its knowledge of the measurement indispensable for its work and/or. Mapping knowledge is missing each reference. He drew soon in different herrschaftlichen services maps, fastened places and locks. On its field of activity Vi set new yardsticks. It used at its time the most modern surveying equipment and bereiste also even the whole country. Its expert knowledge with fixing of the boundaries and border disputes found undivided acknowledgment and its expert's assessments was extremely estimated.

Typischer Vischer-Stich
Typical Vischer pass
färbiger Vischer-Stich von Schloss Wilfersdorf
colored Vischer pass of lock Wilfersdorf

its Atlas “Topographia archiducatus Austriae Inferioris modernae 1672” was after the feature year first. The photographs of the upper-Austrian places date in former times, the Lower Austria opinions in the quite short period of 1670/71 were probably made.

The purpose of the Topografie military, likewise to like traveler, those as concrete target groups to the purchase moved and/or according to introduction economics speaks humans from politics. of them “practical” interests to be addressed should.

The work is in such a way developed that after the introduction the individual down-Austrian national quarters, in each case with a quarterly map as beginning, were published in form of alphabetically gereihter double opinions (two per copper plate = a book sheet). It begins with the “Viertl under Wienerwaldt “(inclusive of Vienna), continues with today the Mostviertel so mentioned, thereafter the wine quarter and ends with the forest quarter (“Viertl whether man hard mountain”). The conclusion of the work a register, which does not only serve for finding the respective places (=Ansichten), forms but also the quarterlymoderate allocation permitted as well as the respective rule proves.

The local opinions call the respective place name in the picture, exhibit however no picture legends; only some few opinions contain more exact designations of usually structural details, however also directly in the picture integrated. Scarcely over 500 opinions of the Lower Austria topography might have been drawn almost all together of Vi; as Stecher different persons probably figurierten, over those and/or. over their portion of the work however little admits is.

Despite these successes he came in his last period of life however ever more frequently into financial difficulties and in such a way had he in his death year its books and equipments to sell. Vi died completely become impoverished, its burial place is unknown. Today one thinks of its large achievements with a looking area in the castle ruin Kollmitz with Raabs to the Thaya, Lower Austria.

Its work was again published under the name “George Matthaeus Vi, Topographia archiducatus Austriae Inferioris modernae 1672” by Anton Leopold Schuller 1976 in Graz.


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  • Topographia Ducatus Stiriae, Graz 1681

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