George Milbradt

George Milbradt (* 23. February 1945 in Eslohe (sour country)), CDU, is short since 2002 as successors Biedenkopf's Prime Minister of the Free State Saxonia. It became in September 2004 despite considerable being correct losses with the elections of the federal parliament in Saxonia inOffice confirms and formed a coalition with the SPD.


biography its family originates from Wongrowitz ( with floats) resettled to Dortmund , where it put 1964 down the Abitur. Of 1964 - 1968 it studied national economy, Law and mathematics at the Westfäli William university in Münster, which it left with the diploma as a political economist. From 1970 to 1980 he was scientific coworker and/or. Assistant at Institut for financial science of the University of Münster. 1973 attained a doctorate to the Dr.rer. pole. (“summa cum laude”). 1980 followed the Habilitation and the acquisition of the training power for national economy. From 1980 to 1983 it represented a chair for financial science and national economy at the Johannes Gutenberg university Mainz. 1985 it became the unscheduled professor thatEconomiceconomics faculty of the Westfäli William university Münster appointed.

Milbradt is since 1973 member of the CDU. Of 1983 - 1990 it was financial departmental head of the city Münster. From 1990 to January 2001 he was a Saxonian Minister of State of finances. Due to itknocked against follow-up discussion became he of the Saxonian Prime Minister at that time Biedenkopf from the cabinet to dismiss briefly. Since 1991 it is in the regional-level party council of the Saxonian CDU and since 1994 member of the Saxonian federal state parliament. At present is it directly selected delegates of the constituency53 (west lausitz I). It became 1999 deputy regional chairmen of the CDU regional organization Saxonia and 2001 chairmen. To 18. April 2002 he was selected against the express will of his predecessor Biedenkopf to the Prime Minister by Saxonia. At the beginning of boss of a CDU however government, he leads sincethe elections of the federal parliament of 19. September 2004 a government from CDU and SPD. To 10. November 2004 it - however only in the second ballot - was confirmed in the office.

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George Milbradt is protector of the initiative pupilHelp lives.

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