George Muffat

George Muffat (* 1. June 1653 in Megève (Savoyen), † 23. February 1704 in Passau) was a composer and organist of the baroque of French origin.

Muffat was 1663 to 1669 pupils of Jean Baptiste Lully in Paris. It lived several years in the Elsass, where it was active as organist in mol home and Sélestat. Later it studied jurisprudence in Ingolstadt and established themselves thereafter in Vienna . Since he could not find employment, he went 1677 to Prague, then to Salzburg, where he finally worked for more than ten years for the archbishop of Salzburg.

Over 1680 it traveled to Italy, over organ with Bernardo Pasquini, which met in the tradition of Girolamo Frescobaldi to study and there also with Arcangelo Corelli , whose work it admired much. Starting from 1690 he was in Passau a Kapellmeister, in addition he worked also in Strasbourg.

Muffat was as before it Johann Jakob Froberger and after it George Friedrich trade a musical Kosmopolit, which played an important role with the exchange of European music traditions. He was an only composer, both with Jean Baptiste the Lully and Arcangelo Corelli, both symbol figures of the French and/or. Italian music, was personally closely connected.


Muffat composed twelve Concerti Grossi and numerous organ works. Here the “Apparatus Musico Organisticus” would particularly be, a Toccatenkompendium, to call.

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