George smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Kinat

George smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Kinat (* 19. November 1888 in king mountain; † 2. July 1973) was a German politician of the SPD.

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lives and occupation

after the attendance of the elementary school completed Kinat bricklayer teachings, which it locked with the associating examination. Since 1908 it engaged itself in the trade union. From 1908 to 1910 it carried out its military service off, in order to return afterwards to its occupation. In the First World War Kinat participated as a soldier. After the war it became 1919 worker secretary and managing director of the building trade union in all stone. Since 1926 he was district leader of the German building trade federation for completely East Prussia. Into the 1920er years became he also a supervisory board chairman of the eastPrussian building huts and different unionized building firms as well as honorary national work judge. In addition it belonged to the administrative committee with the state labour office East Prussia. Arrested after the seizure of power of the national socialists Kinat from these offices entlssen and. After its release he worked as a foreman the building.

To the Second World War Kinat came as a refugee to lip and worked there at the labour office in Detmold.

a party

Kinat joined 1910 of the SPD . To 18. August 1961 he withdrew from the SPD, after he had not been again set up for the election to the Bundestag 1961.


from 1919 to 1921 was Kinat of circle tag delegates in the district Ortelsburg in East Prussia. It engaged itself on German side during the popular vote in Masuren. From 1924 to 1926 it belonged to the town councillor von Allenstein on and from 1929 to 1933 was it member of the Provinziallandtages of East Prussia.

After 1945 he was a circle tag delegate in the circle Detmold and belonged also to the there refugee adviser. Kinat belonged to the German Bundestag since its first choice 1949 to 1961 .


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