George Uecker

George Uecker (R.) with Claus Vinçon with the Christopher Street Day in Cologne 2005
George Uecker (* 6. November 1962 in Munich) is a German actor and author.

Admits became Uecker particularly as “Dr. Carsten Flöter " in the pool of broadcasting corporations - series of lime tree road, where he kissed 1990 Martin arm farmhand. It was this the first kiss between homosexual ones in the German television in a previous evening series. Arm farmhand and Uecker received several anonymous murder threats after radiant emittance of the consequence. The WDR and the lime tree road production company GFF refunded thereupon charge.

Uecker moderated various TV-shows (and. A. it was the Einflüsterer in the improvisation Comedysendung Schillerstrasse (Sat1) and is frequent guest in ingenious beside it (Sat1)) and Galas and sketches TV-concepts. Uecker engages itself strongly in the gay movement. In addition it appears as „ the German Eurovision Song Contest - expert “annually in various Talkshows . In films it played at the side of Ralph morning star and Dirk brook. At present it produces the Late Night show blond on pro filters.

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