George Vierling

George Vierling (* 5. September 1820 in Frankenthal; † 1. June 1901 in Wiesbaden) was a German composer.

Vierling studied music with Rinck in Darmstadt and with Marx in Berlin. 1847 it became organist in Frankfurt at the or, later also director/conductor of the there singing academy and 1852 of the song board in Mainz.

Vierling created 1853 in Berlin the brook association and became 1859 director of music, late professor and senate member of the royal academy of the arts in Berlin.

Its compositions at its classical predecessors, possess however a contemporary modern view. Vierling wrote songs, singing compositions for mixed choir with and without company. Beside piano - and organ works created it Ouvertüren and a symphony.

George Vierling died at the 1. June 1901 in Wiesbaden.

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