George von Siemens

George von Siemens (* 21. October 1839 in gate gau; † 23. October 1901 in Berlin) was a German banker.

George von Siemens was a cousin of Werner von Siemens.

After its law studies in Heidelberg was Siemens first at the regional court Aachen actively. At the same time he advised Siemens and transferred different positions in the company of its cousin, among other things in Asia and England.

1870 it was one the joint founder of the German bank, which it from now onas a director belonged. Here it was active at the financing of Krupp, which takes part BASF and the Bagdad course.

Since 1874 it was repeated as national liberal and a member of the freeintimate party member in the Prussian Lower House and member of the realm daily.

George von Siemens was ennobled 1899. It was married with Elise Görz and had six daughters.

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