George boat

that George boat is similar a classical, überknöchelhohes unverziertes gentleman boot model with three pairs of tying and of the shank basic cut to a high Steilderby.

Framework-sewn George boats with rare Raulederschaft (Grenson)

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this gentleman boot model is 1952 of the English king George VI. sketched as modern uniform shoe. The monarch wanted an airier boot model for its soldiers, than the up to then common wavy clay/tone boot.


that smooth Vorderblatt and the quite highly setting Schnürung connected with three pairs of eyes, with the carried back front edge of the rear lateral shank parts (accomodation so mentioned) ensures with the part of the shoe out-looking under the Hosenbein for a smooth, appearance interrupted by no shank seam or a tying lacing.

danger of mistake

at first sight is very similar to that George boat the Chukka boat. But latter usually only two pairs of eyes, as well as the Spitzderby similar a front edge of the accomodation has and is not completely so highly cut. In addition that is manufactured George boat with a leather sole, whereas that has Chukka boat typically a Kreppsohle. That Chukka boat is usually manufactured with a shank from Rauleder, that George boat mostly in a smooth leather variant.


that George boat is in its smooth leather variant a component of several British uniforms. The English shoe manufacturer Sander & Sanders (Northampton) is the original from elm of the units concerned and offers this boot model in different smooth leather variants also in his normal program. In the civilian range the boot is a classical gentleman shoe model, which comes due to its relatively high Schaftschnitts not so easily into conflict with the trousers leg seam and can as elegant boots also with business clothes be combined.


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