George Bähr

George Bähr (* 15. March 1666 in prince forest in the east ore mountains; † 16. March 1738 in Dresden) was a German building master of the baroque.

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George Bähr was the son of a line weber and buildup in a ärmlichen parents' house. Its school education was promoted however by the village clergyman. Its carpenter teachings completed Bähr in Lauenstein.

1690 went to Bähr to Dresden, where he as a Carpenter activelywas. Actually it wanted to Italy, in order famous buildings knows to learn - in such a way it studied besides mechanics, called themselves artists and Mechanicus, sketched organ folders exactly the same as locks and palaces.

With 39 years Bähr became 1705 in Dresden the council chamber masterappointed, although it did not even possess a master's certificate. Already in this office Bähr strove for a modernization of the building of churches. According to its opinion the buildings of churches already existing became particularly the Evangelist service no longer fair.

George Bährs first building was the parish church of Dresden delete joke with an elongated, octagonal sketch. The church was finished 1708.

Around 1710 the orphanage church in Dresden developed, afterwards followed 1713 - 1716 the Dreifaltigkeitskirche in forging mountain (ore mountains), the church in Forchheim with Pockau 1719- 1726 as well as further in king stone, high stone and boiler village and some houses in Dresden.

Bährs Hauptwerk however is the woman church in Dresden.

1722 he was assigned, 1726 were approved and converted the draft. 1734 became thatInterior of the woman church inaugurated, the church becomes only scarcely five years after death George Bährs to 27. May 1743 with the essay (of Bähr in such a way intended) of a dome cross completes.

Since 1730 Bähr led that as the first of its subjectTitle architect - it did not give the appropriate term to civil engineer at that time yet.

Between 1732 - 1739 supervised Bähr besides the building originally of the three-king church in Dresden new city, sketched by matte house Daniel Pöppelmann.

To 16. March 1738 died George Bähr also72 years in Dresden.

George-Bähr-Straße in Leipzig, benannt nach George Bähr
George Bähr road in Leipzig, designated after George Bähr


in Dresden is today the George Bähr road (quarter Dresden south suburb) after the well-known architect of the woman Mrs., the 1945 destroyed and between 1990 and 2005 rebuilt, one designated. Also in the Leipziger “architect quarter” was designated a road after George Bähr.


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