George Clinton (politician)

this article refers to the American vice-president George Clinton, further meanings of George Clinton under George Clinton

George Clinton (* 26. July 1739; † 20. April 1812) was a soldier, politician and US vice-president.

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its father Charles Clinton originated from the County Longford in Ireland. The family emigrated 1729 to America and left themselves in Little Britain (New York) (of late orange County) down. With 18 years it occurred the British army and participated in the war against France in India (see seven-year-olds war). Later it studied law and became member of the parliament of the State of New York.

American war of independence

Clinton was selected into the congress of continental and was correct there for the American declaration of independence. Before the signing it left the congress over as a Brigadier General of the militia in the war of independence to participate. Its brother James Clinton was at the same time a major general of the American army. The acceptance of the condition of the USA supported Clinton only, when it had been supplemented around the Bill OF Rights.


from 1777 to 1795 he was the first governor of New York after the American declaration of independence. 1800 to 1801 he was again a parliament delegate, from 1801 to 1804 completed he a further term of office than governor. Its nephew DeWitt Clinton took over the office for governor for the first time 1817. It was admits for it, the so-called. To face Loyalisten extremely hostilely. It used seizing of their possession around the taxes to keep low. Clinton was a friend of George Washington and supported its troops with Valley Forge with supply. For the office introduction of Washington as a US president it gave a large Festessen.


he became fourth US vice-president under president Thomas Jefferson 1805 to 1809 and up to its death under James Madison. Clinton was buried in Washington (D.C. ), 1908 were originally transferred its body after Kingston (New York).


Clinton County (New York) and Clinton County (Ohio) are designated after it.

In Washington (D.C.) to the Connecticut Avenue in honours a rider fixed image was set up to it.

1831 were designated the first locomotive DeWitt Clinton in the State of New York, driving for the regular American passenger service, after it.

1873 let a bronze statue of it make the State of New York, which was set up in the Capitol (each Federal State is represented with two statues in this collection).


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