George Foreman

George Foreman
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birth name George Edward Foreman
weight class heavyweight
nationality US-American
birthday 10. January 1949
place of birth marshal
death place
style link rushing situation
of size 1.92 m
combat statistics
of fights of 81
victories 76
KO of victories 68
defeats 5
no valuation

George Edward Foreman (* 10. January 1949 in marshal, Texas) is a former heavyweight box world champion and a Christian clergyman, who were dethroned 1974 as a world champion surprisingly of Muhammad Ali, but 20 years later again world champions will could.


with the olympic summer games 1968 in Mexico cityit won the gold medal. Contrary to many other black US sportsmen, who protest during the winner honour with raised fist against the conditions in the homeland, it swivelled the American flag.

During its professional career starting from 1969 Foreman increased fast and already applied 1972 as unbesiegbarer fighters,that its opponents inexorably within fewer rounds cost. strikes. In January 1973 it could begin in Jamaica against the world champion Joe Frazier and won after only two rounds.

Twice Foreman could defend its title easy, and also for as Rumble into the Jungle marketedFight against Muhammad Ali in Zaire to 30. It was considered to October 1974 as high favorite. But Ali withstood the impacts Foremans, by back-leaning in the flabby ropes far (rope A dope). Foreman spent itself for lack of sufficient condition, on which Ali him in thatrespect round ausknocken could.

By its first defeat shocked, Foreman only 1976 returned to the ring. It struck Frazier a second time KO (this time in round 5), its spectacular KO-victory in the fight against the Puncher Ron Lyle was for many the fight of the yearly.But Ali refused to it a Rematch. Thus Foreman planned to begin against all ex opponents Alis in order to force it to a second fight. To 17. It boxed March 1977 against Jimmy Young. This had lost 1976 only very disputed against Ali, was considered it as an Top opponent.But like already in Zaire Foreman, this time even against one the weakest Puncher under the Top Fightern of the 70's, did not have a plan B, than he could not ausknocken him kurzrundig. It did not only lose, but happened even against a man with a KO-ratio of 20%Soil. Again it had not divided its forces correctly.

Still in the changing room he decided to dedicate its life from now on to the Christianity and became a minister in Texas. From the former arrogant fighter with beard and Afro Look Mähne a friendly humorous Glatzkopf became, into the 1980erYears on the television became popular.

comeback 10 years later

1987 it took the Christian foreign exchange „to giving is more blessedly than a taking “literal and started surprisingly a comeback with several structure fights. Its personal friendship to HBO box boss Seth Abraham came it here too good.It nevertheless did not defeat an Top opponent, but good Puncher such as Gerry Cooney and the later WM-opponent Holyfields, Bert Cooper.

Before Foreman had developed again enough Reputation, in order, as of it striven, against Mike Tyson around the world championship boxes to be able, became this surprisingly of James Douglasdethroned. In the year 1991 it came however to a fight against the new world champion Evander Holyfield. Foreman lost to points, sold its achievement however as moral victory, it had nevertheless proven that a 42-Jähriger the full twelve rounds exist against the world championcould.

After a scarce point victory against Alex Stewart, which derangierte its face heavily, it began 1993 around the new WBO title against Tommy Morrison , which defeated it clearly to points.

To 5. November 1994 struck Foreman sensationally the new world champion Michael Moorer, the onehurt Holyfield had completely scarcely defeated, in the 10. Round k. o. Thus it had set up two new records: He was with 45 years the oldest heavyweight world champion of all times and after with with 20 years the longest time interval up to the regaining of the title.

In the spring 1995 Foreman defended its IBF title with a disputed point victory against Axel Schulz, but after controversies about a back fight in Germany he returned the titles of the box federations WBA and IBF .

It announced to be still world champions also without federation titles.

Aftertwo further victories lost it 1997 a fight against Shannon Briggs and thus the chance to begin against the world champion of the WBC , Lennox Lewis whereupon it withdrew finally from the box haven.

In the year 1999 a set fight against Larry of cross-beam became of that in the meantime 50jährigen Foremancalled off. Also for its 56. Birthday announced comeback in the year 2005 failed because of its wife.

Foreman obtained impressing 68 KO-victories, 8 point victories, 4 point and in altogether 81 professional fights a KO-defeat.

Nowadays Foreman is in different US television commercials, in those electrical grills under its name(“George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine “) to be marketed to see.

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