George Frederick Pinto

George Frederick Pinto (* 25. September 1785 in Lambeth as George Frederick of Sanders or Saunders; † 23. March 1806 in Chelsea) was an English composer and Klaviervirtuose.

Its nut/mother Julia was the daughter of the English violonist Thomas Pinto, which neapolitanischer origin was. George was even first a miracle child on the violin, at the age of eight years took it the Impresario Johann Peter Salomon under its wings; it accepted the maiden name of its nut/mother and stepped out 1796 in London with a concert. During the remainder of its short career it played regularly with concerts in London and in the English provinces and made two short concert tours to Paris.

Pinto began to play apparent only piano, when he was already a professional violonist, but it became soon its preferential instrument. It wrote a number of pieces for both instruments, from which some remained unfinished with its death. Others, under it a Violinkonzert, were lost. He deceased to hearing for unknown reasons, after as a “martyr of the benefit craze”, after he had given in Birmingham a charity concert and in a damp area had stayed overnight. Salomon wrote to its death: If it had lived on and had resisted the temptations of the society, England would be the honour assigns become to bring second Mozart out.

Its Klaviersonaten were brought in by the English pianist Thomas Wakefield on CD.

works (incomplete)

  • various ones of works for piano solo
  • three Sonaten for violin and piano

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