George Gershwin

George Gershwin in March 28. March 1937, photographer Carl van Vechten

George Gershwin ['gɘːʃwɪn] (* 26. September 1898 in Brooklyn, New York town center; † 11. July 1937 in Hollywood) was an American composer.

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it was born as Jacob Gershowitz in Brooklyn, New York town center, as a child Russian - Jewish immigrants.

While George Gershwin in Hollywood worked on the score of „The Goldwyn Follies “, he broke down anddied at the 11. July 1937 at a brain tumor. He was buried at the cemetery „Westchester Hills Cemetery “ in Hastings on Hudson (New York).


Gershwin composed both pieces for Broadway and classical concerts. Many not only in America popular songsby it were written. Its compositions than film music were partly used. Others again are considered than „jazz - to standards “; many of these pieces were interpreted by considerable star the American and international maintenance music, among them Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Ray Conniff, Percy Faith and Barbra Streisand. They found the way into the jazz, z. B. with interpretations of Herbie Hancock or Miles Davis and into the skirt, z. B. with versions of Janis Joplin (buzzer time).

Copyright at the work, which it created alone, becomes 2007 in the European union and between 2019 and 2027 in the USA expire.


its most famous works within the range of the classical music are:

little admits George Gershwin RK the key board “in view of the few works for piano, which Gershwin wrote, is also published „the Gershwin Songbook “, under the title „, oneCollection of its most well-known Songs, of it works on solo ones for piano. In it contain among other things:

  • The one I Love
  • I'll Build A Stairway ton of Paradise
  • Fascinating Rhythm
  • Oh, lady Good
  • I Got Rhythm
  • Liza

most of its works became of George Gershwin with its brother Irish Republican Army Gershwin, a poet, produces. 1910 had bought the Gershwins a piano for the music hours of the son Irish Republican Army, which was played however soon only more by George Gershwin. Several piano teachers changed in the coming two years, to finally Charles Hambitzer - to itsMentor was selected (and up to Hambitzers death 1918 it also remained) -. Hambitzer taught George Gershwin conventional piano techniques and let it the European masters play. It encouraged it to visit orchestral concerts (whereby he tried at home, the music at the piano, belonged, to reproduce). 1916 it composed the rising up time „Rialto Ripples “, which became a financial success. 1918 succeeded to it with the Song „Swanee “of the first USA width hit.

1924 produced George and Irish Republican Army Gershwin together the music comedy „lady Good “. Standards like „Fascinating Rhythm “and „The one I Love “debütiertentherein. That „Oh, Kay followed! “(1926); „Funny Face “ 1927; „Strike UP the volume “(1927 and 1930); „Girl Crazy “(1930), with the Song become the Evergreen „I Got Rhythm “; „OF Thee I sing “(1931), the first music comedy,with a Pulitzer price one distinguished. 1933 appeared „Pardon My English “, the only musical of this epoch, which plays in Germany ( in Dresden).

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