George H. W. Bush

George harsh ore Walker Bush (* 12. June 1924 in Milton, measure.) was in the years 1989 - 1993 of the 41. President of the United States of America. He is the father of George W.Bush, that 43. US president.

George Bush
president Bush gets a piece of the citizens of Berlin wall from Hans Dietrich Genscher presented (21. November 1989)
Bush when its swearing-in

George in harsh ore Walker Bush becomes also as George W. Bush sen.or simply as“George Bush” designates, around it from its son (also 'George W. Bush June. to differentiate 'mentioned). In the private framework the two developed their own distinguisher: Everyone carries - a cap, the father with Nr.41 for baseball. and the son with 43,which shows the counting of the US presidents since George Washington. The W. in both names a reminiscence is to the grandfather mütterlicherseits and/or. the great-grandfather named George harsh ore Walker. Bush sen. even everything has to owe its first name this ancestor.

Before its presidency it was 1976 /1977 director of the CIA and 43. US vice-president under Reagan (1981 - 1989).

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familyand training

George Bush is son of Prescott Bush, the senator from Connecticut was. It grew in Greenwich, Conn. up and the Phillips academy in Andover , visited Massachusetts where it as a captain baseball - demonstrated team its guidance ability.After it had made its conclusion in June 1942, it joined the navy.

During the Second World War it served up to then recent navy as a pilot and received for its service the Distinguished Flying CROSS, the flight Distinguished Service Cross.

After thatWar visited it the Yale - university and into the brother shank of the Skull and Bones was inserted, which supported it with the structure of relations and politically, like many other presidents.

To 6. January 1945 he married Barbara Pierce. In theirBefore six children came into the world:

  • George W., born 1946 (the 43.Präsident)
  • Pauline Robinson (Robin), born 1949, died 1953 born at
  • leukaemia John (Jeb), 1953 (starting from 1998 governor Floridas)
  • Neil, born 1955
  • Marvin, born 1956
  • and Dorothy, born 1959.

Activities in economics and politics

gave and hardly gives families in the USA, which united many offices in such a manner: its father Prescott Bush was, despite Nazi - business relations, senator, he president and vice-president, itsSon George W. President and governor von Texas and Jeb governor von Florida. Only the family of John Adam and the Kennedys would be comparable. The Bush clan belongs to the most powerful and most influential families Americas.

Bush tried in the oil businessin Texas, among other things he created 1953 the company Zapata oil. The years in Texas helped thereby, its son George W. to define as Texaner, what help this again to its political ascent in the second largest US state.

Its political career1962 began as a chairman of the republican party in the texanischen Harris County. he stood as a candidate to 1964 for the senate and lost against its democratic competitor Ralph Yarborough surprisingly scarcely. Due to the good result in Texas dominated by the democrats that becameformer vice-president and senator at that time of California smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Nixon on it attentively. With Nixons support he was selected 1966 as a delegate of a wealthy district in Houston into the house of representatives and red-elect 1968. 1970 it gave its mandate up and undertook onerenewed attempt to the senator to be selected. It failed against Lloyd Millard Bentsen Jr., which stopped the office until 1993.

Into the 1970er years dressed he numerous important offices: From 1971-1973 it was US Ambassador at the UN, 1973/74Chairman of the Nationalkommitees of the republican party, 1974/75 director/conductor of the American connecting office in Peking and thus first diplomatic representative of the USA in China as well as in the years 1976-1977 director of the secret service CIA.

1980 lost Bush the preselections as a candidate thatRepublican against Ronald Reagan. This offered to it to stand as a candidate on its ticket as a vice-president. Together they won the choice and drew into the white house. Reagan needed Bush and others to the stabilization of the position against the Soviet Union.

Bush was much that Reagan was not: a man of the military, a republican of many years, a politician with international experience, in particular with the UN, China and as directors/conductors of the CIA.

Ronald Reagan however had not fought in the Second World War,its political career began as a democrat and was director/conductor of the actors - trade union SAY.

Starting from March 1981 Bush became co-ordinator of all activities with regard to foreign policy and relating to domestic affairs of the government in crisis periods.


1984 George H. became W. Bush and Ronald Reagan red-elect,with the presidency election 1988 Bush with the vice-candidate Dan Quayle pulled into its own election campaign, which he won this time against the democrats Michael Dukakis and Lloyd Bentsen with 426 against 111 elector voices clearly. After end of the cold war Bush sketchedthe concept of a new world order, which should be carried by peace and liberty.

Bush and König Fahd discuss the situation in the Iraq. It (

similarly as Reagan) set November 1990 as a president on military strength; at the beginning of his reign brokethe Soviet realm finally together. He instructed the war against the Central American state Panama, let its head of state Manuel Noriega arrest and in the federal prison after Florida spend, where Noriega in-sits this very day. In addition it led a UN-coalition in the Gulf War against that Iraq on, which had occupied the neighboring country Kuwait under Saddam Hussein.

During the years 1989 and 1990 Bush rendered large services around the reunification of Germany, to their fast implementation also (somewhat more cautiously) its minister of foreign affairs James Baker and its Beraterin Condoleezza Rice contributed.

Although its popularity snapped strongly upward briefly during and after the war, the second half of its presidency of the impression was overshadowed that Bush had lost the contact to the everyday problems of the country, itself throughan economic crisis intensified. Toward end of the Iraq intervention the president refused to 27. February 1991 in the oval Office of the white house to go beyond the military goal of the UN resolution 678 (November 1990). The central thesis of the resolution for the release of Kuwait read “withall necessary means including force ". Of Bush decision stopped the raid already starting to Bagdad; the been omitted regime change put the germ for the second war against the Iraq (2003). The Neokonservativen in the cabinet, v.a. Secretaries of Defense smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Cheney had this forwrongly held.

Unpopularly also the break of its famous choice promise of 1988 was „READ my lips: NO of new taxes “(read it on my lips: No new taxes) by the 1990 made tax increases. All of this were substantialReasons for the defeat with the presidency election 1992 against the inexperienced, but dynamically arising Bill Clinton.

After the presidency

Bush live today in Houston, Texas and have a summer seat in Kennebunkport, Maine, that already duringthe term of office with equal standing beside the official official summer seat Camp David for state visits one used. Thus president Bush received there 1989 the French president at that time François Mitterrand.

Several prominent namings should take place in honours of Bush:

AsFormer president has G. H. W. Bush the right to insight into secret CIA reports. One after-says to him to exert still strong influence on the policy which does not benefit the image of its son as a president always.

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