George Hamilton IV

George Hamilton IV (* 19. July 1937 in Winston Salem North Carolina) is an US-American Country singer


of beginnings

than child became enthusiastic George Hamilton IV for Westernfilme, in which singing cowboys arose such as genes Autry or Tex knight. It became a fan of Hank Williams, to whose appearances into the Grand oils Opry it traveled several times. As a pupil it played in a High School volume. A demo volume arrived to that into the hands of the talent Scouts Orville Campbell, it with the rising Songwriter John D. Loudermilk brought together. With a local label Hamilton brought its Song in A rose and A baby Ruth . The sentimental piece was taken over 1956 by the ABC label and reached with more than millions sold plates a high placement in the Pop Charts. George Hamilton IV was unexpectedly avanziert to a Teenie Popstar thereby. Tours with the Everly Brothers, genes Vincent and Buddy Holly and television up footsteps followed, among other things in the Jimmy Dean show. Briefly it had even its own Fernsehshow.

to career

to it still some further successes arrive in the Popszene, under it the Top-10-Hit Why Don' t They and-arose. The sales figures diminished however soon noticeably. Hamilton, that regarded itself as a Country singer, vesuchte finally its Pop image to strip and pulled 1959 after Nashville. With Before This Day Ends it already reached one year late place four the Country Charts. It was engaged a little later by Chet Atkins for the RCA Victor label. After further Top-10-Platzierungen gel-gnaw it 1963 with the Song Abilane, that again from John D. Loudermilk was written, a Nummer-1-Hit.

It turned center of the sixties strengthens the Folkmusik too. With the Gordon Lightfoot Song Early Morning Rain succeeded to it 1966 a Top-10-Erfolg. In the next years it brought numerous further Songs in of the Canadian. Hamilton followed more and more the Canadian scene and changed finally to RCA Canada. it published 1968 with Canadien Pacific one its most well-known Songs.

In these years it began a long series of international tours, which for it finally the surnames “international Ambassador of the Country music” brought in. No other Country star undertook also only on approximate-ends so many foreign concerts, no visited so many countries (among other things Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, Hong Kong). Alone in Great Britain it completed more than ten tours. Temporarily it published its records with a British label. George Hamilton IV was one first, which arose in Russia. In Czechoslovakia at that time he celebrated triumphale successes. Also in Germany it was frequent to guest. Here it played particularly in the clubs of the American GIs.

Hit parade successes became more rarely. 1970 it reached s A Little bit Country with She' again place three the Country Charts. Starting from end of the seventies oriented yourself deeply religious Hamilton to the Gospel music over. It sang several times on meetings of the well-known Predigers Billy Graham. it published 1988 with its son George Hamilton V, which it accompanied also on tours, a single. From 1993 to 1998 it participated in the musical Patsy Cline - music and MEMORies .

Apart from an exemplary and scandal-free Lebensführung (like that it is married since 1958 with his first Mrs. Tincky) its pleasant occurrence and in-usual Songs with throughout positive radiant emittance were causal for its successes. George Hamilton IV is further connected for the music scene. In the year 2000 he celebrated that forty-year old anniversary of its first appearance into the Grand oils Opry.

to Diskografie (albums)

  • 1958 - George Hamilton IV on Campus
  • 1958 - sing ME A Sad Song
  • 1961 - tons of You & Yours (From ME & mine)
  • 1963 - George Hamilton IV bend 15
  • 1963 - Abilene
  • 1964 - Fort Worth, Dallas Or Houston
  • 1965 - Mister Sincerity…. A of tributes tons of Ernest Tubb
  • 1966 - Coast Country
  • 1966 - Steel Rail Blues
  • 1967 - Folk Country Classics
  • 1967 - Folksy
  • 1968 - in The 4th dimension
  • 1969 - Canadian Pacific
  • 1970 - bake Where It's RK
  • 1970 - Your Cheatin' Heart
  • 1971 - Early Morning Rain
  • 1971 - North Country
  • 1971 - west Texas Highway
  • 1972 - Country music in My Soul
  • 1972 - Travellin' Light
  • 1973 - internationally Ambassador OF Country music
  • 1974 - Bluegrass Gospel
  • 1975 - bake Home RK The Opry
  • 1977 - Fine Lace and Homespun Cloth
  • 1977 - Feel Like A million
  • 1979 - Forever Young
  • 1982 - One Day RK A Time
  • 1984 - music Man's Dream
  • 1995 - Canadian Country gold & Unmined Treasures



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