George London

George London (* 30. May 1919 in Montréal; † 24. March 1985 in New York; actually George Burnstein) was a Canadian opera singer (Bariton).


London buildup as a son of a russischstämmigen Jewish family in Los Angeles. It debütierte 1942 in Hollywood as a physician in “La Traviata “, continued then his singing study in New York and had first in the maintenance sector of successes (among other things together with Mario Lanza).

1949 he was discovered by Karl Böhm and gotten to the Viennese state opera. Its first portion was the Amonasro there in Aida and in the consequence gained it the large portions of the dramatic (bass -) Bariton - subject. it sang 1951 for the first time at the metropolitan Opera in New York. A further important station of its career was the Glyndebourne festival. Its largest successes celebrated he between 1951 and 1964 in Bayreuth, where he the large Wagner -, embodied portions , in particular dutchmen and Wotan. Further gloss portions were Boris Godunow, Don Giovanni and Scarpia (Tosca).

Its world-wide fame led it to all important opera houses in Europe and the USA, until in the sixties a vocal cord paralysis terminated its career. 1968 to 1971 he was a director John of the F. Kennedy center for the Performing kind in Washington, D.C., from 1971 to 1976 director national of the Opera of institutes and the Washington, D.C. Opera (1975-1979).

George London was also a looked for Stimmbildner. It died 1985 at a cardiac infarct.

George London was a rather static actor, but packed its radiant emittance straight with economical gesturing. It had an unusual, not alone beautiful, but above all unmistakable personally colored voice. Its phänomenale stage operational readiness level equipped its figures with Charisma, Dämonie and suggestiver Kraft. Logically it had its largest success in figures hintergründig put on. Like that was not his Don Giovanni a dekadenter living man, but a seductive Dämon, and its Boris Godunow no make-possessed usurper, but humans deeply lonely of the abyss of the insanity in its existence more threatened. That applies naturally only quite to its dutchman and to its Amfortas (Parsifal), which ranks among its most important portions.

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