George Maciunas

George Maciunas (George Mačiūnas) (* 8. November 1931 in Kaunas; † 9. May 1978 in bad clay/tone) was an US-American artist litauischer descent. He was joint founder, theoretician and propagandist of the Fluxusbewegung.

Maciunas studied art, architecture and music sciences. it took 1961 in New York as well as George breaks, aluminium Hansen and Allan Kaprow at early happenings part. Starting from 1962 and into the 70's he organized in Germany Fluxusveranstaltungen, and. A. with Joseph Beuys. He wrote numerous documentations and collected and arranged artifacts to the Fluxuskunst. Important parts of it are in the state State of Stuttgart and in the hessian federal state museum Wiesbaden.

In Wiesbaden organized Maciunas the international festivals of newest music, which are regarded as first Fluxusveranstaltungen. The most important participants were thick beside Maciunas Nam June Paik , Higgins, wolf Vostell, Emmet Williams and the composers Karl Heinz stick living and John Cage.

See also: Performance (art), action art

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