George Mifflin Dallas

George Mifflin Dallas (* 10. July 1792 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; † 31. December 1864 ebenda) was an US-American politician and US vice-president, who originated from an old Scottish family.

George M. Dallas
George M. Dallas


George M. Dallas studied jurisprudence at the University of Princeton and made for 1810 its conclusion. Starting from 1813 he worked as a private secretary of the Minister of Finance Albert Gallatin. it went to 1814 to New York and worked as an attorney.

1828 became Dallas member of the government of Pennsylvania and engaged themselves for the presidency election of Andrew Jackson. Soon thereafter he was selected into the US senate. During the years 1836 - 1839 he was an Ambassador in Russia.

1844 became Dallas of president James K. Polk appointed the US vice-president and practiced this office of 4. March 1845 to 3. March 1849 out. After the defeat of the democratic party 1849 it kept a time away long from the policy and became again active as an attorney, until US president James Buchanan appointed it 1857 the Ambassador in England, where he tried to improve the relations between both states. To 16. May 1861 it returned to America and spoke themselves in the American civil war decided for the preservation of the union out.

The city Dallas in the US Federal State Texas and other places in the USA were designated after it. George M. Dallas was the uncle famous physicists of the Alexander Dallas of brooks, the great-grandchild of Benjamin Franklin. Its father, Alexander James Dallas, was a Minister of Finance under US president James Madison. That again was the Urur Grossonkel of Claiborne Pell, the US senator of Rhode Island.

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