George Nares

Sir George Strong Nares KCB (* 24. April 1831 in Aberdeen; † 15. January 1915 in Surbiton, England) was a British sailor, admiral and a polar researcher.


George Nares
George Nares

he was the son of the well-known English captain William Henry Nares and in the Royal Naval college in Greenwich was trained.

Its first experiences in the arctic Nares made as a second leading seaman on the HMS Resolute, for a ship of Edward Belchers fleet, which 1852 - 1854 a search expedition after the missing person researcher John Franklin led.

Afterwards Nares had the command over the Challenger expedition (1872 - 1876), due to its arctic experiences it however the command was relieved and with another Forschungsreise entrusted: With the two ships HMS Discovery and the HMS Alert he should find the north pole.

On this expedition it succeeded to it as first the Kennedy channel and the robe on channel, one in some places only about 30 km broad strait between Greenland and the Ellesmere island, which the Baffin Bay with the Lincoln lake connects, to drive on. This sea route is called today Nares' in honours Naresstrasse. At the time at that time there was a theory, which meant that the route driven on by Nares into an ice-free zone of the Arctic ocean led, which should surround the pole (see theory of the ice-free Arctic ocean). Against its expectations Nares had to disprove this theory, it found a frozen over ocean. It sent a group with carriages towards the north, whatever could actually set up a new record: With 83° 20 ' northern latitude the men Nares' achieved the northernmost point, which became to to date ever enter from humans. Scurvy and the unsatisfactory equipment forced Nares however to the reversal. 1876 returned Nares to the south, since he realized that he and its no more further winter in the ice would outlive men. In the course of this expedition it achieved also the northernmost point of the Ellesmere island, the cape Columbia on 83° 6 ' northern latitude, which is today the northernmost point of Canada.

Nares rendered also services during the measurement of the Magellan route as well as some Australian places.

Of Nares remind today numerous geographical designations, so for the first time the Nares road traveled by it, the Nares mountains in Canada and the Nares lake in the Yukon territory.

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