George Pólya

George (György) Pólya (* 13. December 1887 in Budapest, † 7. September 1985 in Palo Alto) was an American mathematician of Hungarian origin.

Its spheres of activity were in particular probability theory, combinatorial mathematics and number theory.

In the second half of its work it concentrated in particular on the switching and characterisation of problem solution strategies. To these groups of topics Pólya published a set of works, which belong meanwhile to the mathematical standard literature. Admit are here above all its series of the release of mathematical problems.

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Pólyas parents were the attorney Jakáb Pollák and Anna German. After the Austrian-Hungarian reconciliation of 1867 Jakáb 1882 converted its Jewish surname Pollák into the Hungarian sounding Pólya.

Pólya had still four brothers and sisters: two brothers, Jenő (* 1876) and László (* 1891), as well as two sisters, Ilona (* 1877) and Flóra (* 1879).

Its Jewish parents converted 1886 to the Roman-catholic faith.

1905 Pólya

law studies in Budapest, fallow it however already after one term off, began study and teachings in order to study thereafter languages and literature. After its conclusion it turned to physics as well as mathematics . Training stay in Vienna ( 1910 - 11) and Goettingen followed (1912 - 13). 1914 it became on switching of an acquaintance private lecturer at the ETH Zurich

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