George Paget Thomson

George Paget Thomson (* 3. May 1892 in Cambridge; † 10. September 1975 in Cambridge) was an English physicist.

Thomson originates from a physicist family. Its father Sir Joseph John Thomson received the Nobelpreis for physicsyears 1906. It studied Cambridge with its father at the university.

During the 1. World war served it at the English army and examined the aerodynamics of the airplanes. Afterwards it taught at different universities, among other things inCambridge, Aberdeen and London. During II. World war was he liaison officer between American and British scientists and was indirect thereby to atom bombs - project takes part. After the war Thomson was concerned with theoretical problems of the atomic energy use.

Thomson received 1937 together with Clinton Joseph Davisson physics - Nobelpreis for the discovery of the electrons diffraction at the crystal lattice.

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