George Rhoden

Vincent George Rhoden (* 13. December 1926) is a former Jamaican athlete and olympia winner.

Rhoden was in the 40's and 1950er years a successful Sprinter from Jamaica as well as Arthur Wint and harsh McKenley. It already was at the XIV. Olympic summer games part , however neither in the 100-Meter-Lauf nor in the 400-Meter-Lauf the final round could reach 1948 in London. It was also member of the Jamaican 400-Meter-Staffel, but by a muscle tear Arthur Wint separated and had to thus assign the chance on medal. To 22. August 1950 ran Rhoden in Eskilstuna, Sweden over 400 meters a new world record with a time of 45.8 seconds. Likewise it won the AAU - championships in the 400-Meter-Lauf in the years 1949 to 1951 and as a student of the Morgan State University the NCAA - championships over 220 yards in 1951 and over 440 yards in the years 1950 and 1952.

With the XV. Olympic summer games 1952 in Helsinki Rhoden won the gold medal in the 400-Meter-Lauf before the harsh McKenley (silver), likewise originating from Jamaica, and the American Ollie Matson (bronze) as well as the crew gold medal in 4 x 400-Meter-Staffellauf, together with his team colleagues Arthur Wint, Leslie Laing and harsh McKenley, before the teams from the USA (silver) and from Germany (bronze). The Jamaican team set up a new world record with this run, with a time of 3:03,9 minutes.


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