George Robert Gray

Chauna frame. South America, from Genera OF Birds of G.R. Gray

George Robert Gray (* 8. July 1808 in Chelsea, † 6. May 1872 in London) was a British zoologist, whose emphasis lay in the study of the birds. He was the son of the zoologist Samuel Frederick Gray (1766-1828) and brother of John Edward Gray.

Gray completed its training to the Merchant's Taylor School and concentrated thereafter its studies privately on the Entomologie and the Ornithologie. Starting from 1831 he became an assistant at the Zoological department of the British museum in London. 1842 it became member of the commission “Nomenclator Zoologicus “, together with of Louis Jean Rudolphe Agassiz and C. L. Bonaparte. 1866 were taken up Gray to the Royal Society, 1872 deceased it in London.

works (selection)

  • 1840: “Cunning OF the genera OF birds, London.
  • 1869-72: “Hand cunning OF the genera and of species OF birds “, London.


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