George W. Bush

Tondokument ? / License [ˈdʒɔːɹdʒˈwɑːkɚ bʊʃ] (* 6. July 1946 in new Haven, Connecticut) is a US American of republican politicians. Bush is the 43. President of the United States of America and applied in US election campaign 2004 successfully for a second office period, to 20. January 2005 began.

After entrepreneur activity in the oil industry Bush became 1994 governor von Texas and remained this also still another second term of office, until he won 2000 the presidency elections.

It is Member of the wealthy and influential Bush family, then was its father George H. W. Bush of the 41. President of the USA and its brother Jeb Bush are governor von Florida. Its first names ajar against the names of its father and itsGreat-grandfather George harsh ore Walker (the surname was Walker). Of Bush grandfather was the entrepreneur and senator Prescott Bush.

George W. Bush

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born as a son of Barbara Bush grew George W. together with four youngerBrothers and sisters - Jeb, Neil, Marvin and Dorothy, - in avoiding country and Houston (Texas), up. A further younger sister deceased 1953 three-year at leukaemia.

Bush visited from 1961 to 1964 the Phillips Academy, on also its fatherhad been, and studied afterwards from September 1964 until May 1968 history to the Yale University, where it, likewise like his father, member of the secret company Skull & Bones and the student federation delta Kappa Epsilon (its president it starting from October1965 were) were. 1968 it locked its study at the Yale university as Bachelor in history.

Subsequently, it committed itself for six years at the national guard. With the air national Guard in Texas he became a second lieutenant, pilot and leadera relay F-102 delta Daggers. Since the national guard is predominantly inland used, Bush saw himself later confronted with the reproach a summoning into the Army to have forestalled and thereby an employment in Viet Nam to have extracted itself- it draft more dodger (as itself the summoning extracting; compares the German terms: Conscientious objector, Wehrdienstverweigerer) scolded, with patriotic Americans everything else as an honour title. This was however not least, D. h. not only under politician sons onepractice (its father at that time congressional representative was in the house of representatives ) quite spread. In addition the suspicion, Bush fulfilled its obligations resulting from the service in the national guard not completely, had therefore larger political weight. On pressure of the public it leftrelease the documents therefore in February 2004 over this time for investigations.

Laura Bush

between 1972 and 1975 he visited the Harvard Business School of Harvard University, where he acquired the title (MBA), a master OF Business administration.1977 he married Laura what. - The twin daughters Jenna and Barbara Anita were born 1981.

Its entrepreneur activity began Bush 1978 in the oil promotion industry with the establishment of Arbusto Energy, later in Bush exploration renamed. As beginning of the eightiesthe oil prices broke in, turned out the enterprise in difficulties and had 1984 with the oil enterprise Spectrum 7 Energy Corp. fuse. Bush became a chairman of the enterprise. When 1986 broke in the oil prices again, it became however insolvent and by rakes Energy Corp.bought up.Bush became thereby one of the directors with rakes.

1986 were also the year of a drastic change in of Bush private lives. At the age of 40 years it converted from the Anglikanern to the Methodists, the faith direction, to which its wife belongs, overto do from now on as a again-born Christian completely without alcohol. Its problems in handling alcohol had become already 1976 on record, as it in Maine because of drunkennessness to tax, together with its advisor at that time Raphael rose branch, limit the driving licence extractedwas and he a strict withdrawal to carry out had, which fell him very heavily. Confronted in very unpleasant way Bush also today still with the problem of the alcoholism, there its daughter Jenna repeated remarkably became drunk and an automobilesteered.

1988 were George W. Bush member of the election campaign team of its father with (then won) the presidency election. Subsequently, it, together with close friends of its father, acquired the baseball team Texas Ranger, (its portion amounted to 5%). It was up to its choiceto the governor von Texas 1994 the Managing partner of the team. With the sales of its portion to Texas Ranger 1998 Bush earned 15 million dollar. Also this had called critics on the plan, those the doubtful circumstances of this increase in valueanprangerten.

Political career

governor von Texas

the texanische governor choice to 8. November 1994 could decide Bush against the democratic office owner Ann Richards for itself; this generally evaluated as surprise, there for Texas as safe bastion of the democrats applied and AnnRichards still in the choice evening as safe Siegerin saw itself. In order to strengthen its position also under from house from democratic voters, Bush set in its first term of office on large co-operation with the political opponent; thus he appointed a democratto his deputy and strengthened this then also the back, by supporting law projects of the opposing parliamentary group in the texanischen parliament.

1998 was it the first texanische governor at all, to who a re-election succeeded. In addition both its Christian faith carried,the economic improvements, the school politics and particularly its decided endorsement of the death penalty: 152 to death condemned refused it during its term of office the pardon - a circumstance, that with the opponents of the death penalty repeats at home and abroad toosharp criticism led.


in the year 2000 he was nominated to the presidency candidate of the republicans and stepped under the slogan „along-feeling Konservatismus “(compassionate conservatism) against the candidate of the democrats and vice-president at that time aluminium would ferment, as well as of thatThe Greens nominated (internationally as a consumer protection lawyer admitted) Ralph Nader on. The decision became a hard head on head running between the two main candidates Bush and would ferment, so that the decision finally depended only on the result in the Federal State Florida.

The results of the State of Florida were in their counting however extremely disputed, which led the USA to to the edge of a state crisis. Only a judgement of the constitutional court finally terminated the current countings. At this time leading George W. Bush became the winner in this Federal Stateand thus as the president of the USA explains. For a revision of this judgement numerous citizens discussion themselves, however not one senator supported the request. Bush received US far altogether fewer voices as if would ferment, but it knew more elector voices upunite, which with the indirect Präsidentenwahl in the USA is decisive.

To 20. January 2001 was sworn in Bush and was thus a second president in the history of the USA, whose father had likewise been a president - this constellation metbefore only on sixth president, John Quincy Adam, too, whose father John Adam had been a second president. George W. Bush is also a first president with a MBA - titles.

Political priorities

as in its time as more texanischerGovernor quit George W. Bush at the beginning of its first term of office if possible concerted, or at least co-ordinated, acting with the political opponent on. As emphasis it designated an improvement of the training system, reductions of taxes, accountabilities of political participants opposite the people, stabilization of the militaryand creation of possibilities for workers of investing parts of the social insurance contributions privately. Important partner when operating the senate became for Bush the democrat Edward Kennedy.

The clay/tone between both parties was intensified however in the summer 2001 throughthe change of a republican senator to the democrats, which led to a loss of the republican senate majority and was regarded of numerous republicans as breach of trust.

Most important law projects up to the 11. September 2001 (the day of the terrorist attacks on the twin towers of the WorldTrade of center, admits as 9/11) was a program for the substantial lowering of the taxes and the reform of the training system - both were accepted by the congress. The NO Child Left Behind act (no child is to stay), that the quality of the public public educationand the access of the military to particulars of the pupils for the purpose of recruiting to improve is, came into force in January 2002.

In March 2001 the final door of the USA from the Kyoto agreement was announced to that for reduction greenhouse gases. Bush becomesbut and for his also otherwise not pollution free policy of opponents criticizes again and again sharply. Proponents argue that minutes were signed by of Bush predecessor Clinton, although also this would have never gotten an appropriate law by the senate: giving preference toChinese industry opposite the US-American is too strong. In August 2001 modified George W. Bush its attitude in the bio ethics debate, by deciding for - although reduced - the support of the embryonalen main cell research.

In firstMonths of its presidency Bush was altogether relatively inconspicuous and spent very much time on its Ranch in Texas, why he was insulted as a partial time president.

Foreign policy

Bush with Gerhard Schröder in March 2001

with the terrorist attacks of the 11. September 2001 experiencedthe policy by George W. Bush a deeply seizing cut. In view of the high victim number and the strongly symbolic effect of the notices he proclaimed a war against the terrorism .

With broad international support (also the German Federal Government and many more MuslimStates) and the agreement of the UN security council led the USA and Great Britain first starting from that 7. October war in Afghanistan, where responsible for the notices the terrorist organization aluminium-Kaida made had its basis.

An additional goal was, the Islamic regime that To fall Taliban. The number of killed civilians in this war, with which also so-called Daisy Cutter, cluster bombs and uranium ammunition was used, became estimated from the Frankfurt conference of the European exile Afghans in December 2001 on approximately 18,000.

In 15. June 2002 regarded president Bush a Middle East speech, those apart from the demand after a new Palestinian guidance also the foundation-stone as the later common peace timetable of the USA, Russia, the European Union and the UN, the Roadmap,contained. This was its first commitment in the conflict, which he had ignored before.

In August 2002 tried Bush to weaken the again established international criminal court; bilateral agreements with other states should distribution of US citizens after the Hague, that, Permitted the Servicemen Protection act prevents seat of the Court of Justice the president to arrange the release by force from US citizens.

In the course of the yearly 2002 Bush manufactured a direct connection between the war against the terrorism and Saddam Hussein . Bush threw to that Iraq besides forwards, it possesses weapon of mass destruction - a reproach, which was sceptically taken up already at that time and which proved later than untrue. Its constantly growing pressure on the Iraq culminated finally in March 2003 in the Iraq war with the invasion ofBritish and US troops into the Iraq.

Since because of the strong opposition in the UN security council the actually wished express UN mandate was not to be gotten, it relied finally only on a coalition in such a way specified that consenting with Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Poland, Australia and about 30 other states. The opponents of the Iraq war, under it the governments of France, Russia, Germany and Austria, saw a provisionally sufficient means for a disarmament in a continuation of the weapon inspections by the IAEA of theIraq.

Also in the international public it had come to fruitless mass protests against the militarily dominated foreign policy of the USA and their allied one. World-wide 2003 million of humans took part in anti-war demonstrations of the peace movement in February; also in the countries,their governments had placed themselves behind Bush. Among other things Bush was accused that the more important reason for war was less the fight against the terrorism, but rather the politico-economic (access to the Iraqi Erdölquellen) and geostrategic interests of the USA.

During the warin Afghanistan generally by the right to self-defense as covered, was from the outset disputed the international-law authentication of the Iraq war applies strongly.

The war opponents see themselves in the meantime confirmed by the fact that no weapon of mass destruction could be found and the terrorism throughthe war one did not weaken. The Iraq, and with it also increasingly nearly the entire Arab world, actually remained itself after the official end of war an unrest stove, into notices against the occupation troops, other foreigners and with themco-operating, in addition, completely indifferent Iraqi and Arab civilians increasingly accumulate up. Also internationally it came to further terrorist attacks of aluminium-Kaida and their intimate organizations, among them into Istanbul and at the 11. March 2004 in Madrid.

A further setback had Bushin the spring 2004 as consequence of the choice victory of the PSOE (socialists) with the Spanish parliamentary elections accept: few days before the choice had died with a bomb attack on Madrider of Vorortzüge 191 humans. The acting government Aznar tried first, those presumedfrom aluminum dock since terrorists notices committed to attribute against better knowledge, the baskischen Separatistenorganisation ETA. The public indignation about this procedure led to the surprising choice victory of the socialist José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. As announced in the election campaign, the new Prime Minister arranged briefly according to itsSwearing-in the retreat in of the Spanish troops from the Iraq on, since it cannot recognize „signs for it that the troops, as by it demanded, up to 30. June of the UN were subordinated “. Thus jokes so far as reliably classified partnersfrom „the coalition that consenting “out.

Home policy after that 11. September 2001

Bush at the 11. September 2001

relating to domestic affairs could rely Bush first on a broad support in the fight against the terrorism: Measures like stricter security checks and entry conditions and restrictionsthe civil rights by the Patriot act I and George W. could be discharged briskly Bush could register the highest agreement values, which were ever measured in the USA. Criticism became only later, mainly at the plans a Patriot actII, loud. Likewise various institutions were summarized like the tariff, the coast guard and the disaster control authority Federal Emergency management Agency in Ministry for preservation of regional tradition with 180.000 coworkers.

Meanwhile it became admits that itself the FBI and national the Security Agency(NSA) in one at the presidents gerichteteten memorandum in August 2001 with the terror threat concerned; it came into it however to the conclusion that it gives „suspicious activities “, rumors over a planned plane hi-jacking however „is not confirmed “left. This tothere secret document was published by the government on pressure of the commission of inquiry used by congress of US in April 2004. However the warnings and reference were very general, why concrete preventive measures were not possible.

In the year 2002 the republican party won thoseAnd developed senatorial elections their majority in the congress , against the normal trend that the government party loses Elections voices into the avoiding term.

A legislative initiative of the president, which was to set the economic situation in motion by tax exemptions, won in May 2003 legal power. In November 2003it succeeded to president Bush to win a majority for an extensive health reform with introduction of national subsidies for medicines in the context of the Medicare insurance. In January 2004 president Bush announced, NASA means for a manned station on the moon to the space authorityto make available, which as station and test laboratory for later flights is to serve for Mars.

Of Bush opponent in the election campaign 2004, John Kerry, short time granted foreseeable) defeat after the choice its (, whereby itself this time above all Ohioas (temporally) the longest counting and choice-crucial state proved. Bush received this time - due to the election turnout very large for US conditions - more voices than every other US president selected before. For the first time since 1988 the choice winner did not receive howeveronly the absolute majority of the elector voices, but also those of the delivered votes. Nevertheless it gives critic, and. A. the democrat Jeff Fisher who was subject in the fight for a seat in parlament, who states that only in electoral districts, in those electronic choice machines usedbecame, extreme deviations (irregularities) occurred. (Details in the major item for the Präsidentenwahl of the USA, 2004)

in March

  • 2002 president Bush decided other events to raise Einfuhrzölle on steel products in order to protect US firms against foreign competition. In the consequence those imposed European union, approved of of the World Trade Organization, penalty duties against the USA.
  • In July 2002 president Bush, one of the congress granted financial assistance decided at a value of 34 millions USD for the fund of population of world of the United Nations (UNFPA) restrainable, there theseits opinion after in the People's Republic of China obligation abortions and - sterilizations finance.
  • In May 2004 increasingly information about cruel and entwürdigende torture and abusing practices penetrates from US-American military in Iraqi prisoners in the Bagdader Abu Ghuraib prison to the public. Tortures become throughPhotos and videos occupies. With the abusing it had already given several victims. Soon similar incidents become also in other military prisons in the Iraq, led by Americans, and in Afghanistan admit. Already before was the Bush government because of the inhuman treatmentturn out for the prisoner on the US base Guantanamo Bay in Cuba under criticism. With the becoming known of the incidents in Abu Ghuraib the affair expands fast to a scandal, which clearly weakens also the moral reliability of the Bush government.
  • At the beginning of of June2004 come it with a European journey of Bush on the occasion of the 60ten of anniversary of the invasion of the allied ones in normandy with the state visit into Italy to substantial road protests against Bush into Rome. There the president became also of Pope Johannes Paul II.receive to an audience. The Pope, likewise a decided opponent of the Iraq war, criticized of Bush Iraq politics with unusually clear words and requested him to a change of its appropriate policy.
  • In December 2004 Time magazines selects it to the person of theYearly 2004 „for sharpening the debate until the choices bled, for reframing reality ton match his Design, for gambling his fortunes - and ours - on his faith into the power OF leadership “.

The second office period

in the cabinetBushs der zweiten Amtsperiode wurde etwa die Hälfte der Minister ausgetauscht. Minister of foreign affairs Colin Powell, which had already explained its resignation in November, was replaced by Condoleezza Rice.

Bush with Angela Merkel with its start attendance

at the beginning of of 2005 interspersed Bush,that the before times deputy Secretary of Defense of the USA Paul Wolfowitz president of the World Bank became.

At the 1. August 2005 it determined the UN critic John Bolton by decree to the new UN Ambassador of the USA. (The occupation of this post is actually obligated for agreement by the senate, in the summer break the president this can go around under certain conditions.) Bolton by the democratic opposition and parts of the republicans had been rejected.

To 29. August 2005 arrived the hurricane Katrina on the south coast of the USA and devastatedArea of the three-way surface of Austria. One estimates victims up to 10.000 alone in new Orleans, which was only insufficiently prepared for the natural catastrophe. In this connection Bush of the US media and many survivors experiences hard criticism: It has

  • the national national guard at least 4 days too late on set, in order to help the including,
  • to let no national evacuation plans prepare,
  • budgetary appropriations for preservation of regional tradition and disaster misdirectedly for the Iraq war (the Army Corps OF Engineers had because of one of thatGovernment ordered budget shortening of 70 million dollar an attitude stop impose),
  • the congress study for the protection by cities forwards hurricane of the strength 5 warnings punctual on ice
  • put, for the reinforcement of the dykes ignored: Bush had the boss for the dyke constructionresponsible authority 2002 dismisses, after this had submitted to the congress of plans for 188 million a dollar expensive flow project at the lower Mississippi. In interviews at the beginning of of Septembers stated Bush:Nobody could foresee the break of the dykes.

To of Bush more important successes relating to domestic affairs innew occupations of two seats at the powerful highest Court of Justice belong to the second term of office. To 5. September 2005 he nominated John Robert Jr. to the successor as Chief Justice for the deceased William H. Rehnquist. After its confirmation by the senatenominated Bush at the 3. October 2005 its Rechtsberaterin Harriet Miers as a successor of the withdrawn Sandra Day O'Connor as Richterin at the highest Court of Justice of the United States, pulled this however after unusually strong criticism from all political camps to 27. October2005 on Miers' request back and nominated instead Samuel Alito, to 31. January 2006 with limited majority was confirmed by the senate.

Criticism and polarizing effect

the policy of the US administration under George W. Of Bush presidency led, both inthe USA as also in other countries, to a strong polarization between proponents and critics.

Beyond that personality and characteristics of the person become George W. Bush von Anhängern and Gegnern usually very oppositely estimated. While its faith onGod and the guide roller of the USA estimate, refer the others to its contradictory biography - with earlier alcohol problems, its defined „Wiedergeburt “than Christian and anti-alcoholics - and linguistic uncertainties (see also Bushism).

Allegedly Bush expressed according to data of theBritish Guardians 2003 opposite high-ranking Palestinian politicians that it acted on behalf God, when it began the so-called war against the terrorism. This quotation is disclaimed by representatives of the white house. After BBC - The former Palestinian minister of foreign affairs has data Nabil Schaath these expressions two years later affirms. [1]

While a large number of the Mainstream - media in the course of the assassination attempts of the 11. Septembers 2001 the government line represented and into their reporting as far as possible the defaults from Washington took over, alsoover the concept of the embedded journalism as correspondents in the following Iraq war, called the events in the course of the disputed choice came up to a large extent 2000, still more however in the consequence of the aggravation of the university-lateralistic policy of the USA in the consequence of the terrorist attacksat the 11. September 2001 in the USA numerous critics on the plan. The documentary film producer Michael of moorlands attained thereby with his books Stupid White Men and full covering, Mr. Bush as well as with its film Fahrenheit 9/11 a considerable admitting heating degree as Bush critics,also outside of the USA.

George W. Bush is the first US president, its acting the production and publication of a large motion picture film (Fahrenheit 9/11), the start of an entire broadcast net (air America radio) and the premiere of a TV serial(The aluminium Franconia show) caused, a whose common goal was it to prevent its re-election.

In addition Bush is a first president, one nominating (to 26. February 2005) and afterwards the film price golden raspberry that golden Raspberry AwardFoundation as worst leading actors received. Naturally it did not play in Fahrenheit a 9/11 purely technically seen role, but only in archives photographs was shown. It is to be accepted that the award of the price in this case as political statement of the jury tooregard is.

The Freedom OF information act was cut strong in the USA since its assumption of office. With the note „secret “or also simply only through „only for the official use “are provided ever more government documents.


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in the public often provide the linguistic uncertainties of Bush with speeches for mockery. Example:

  • There's at old saying in threshing floor lake - I know it's in Texas, it's probably in threshing floor lake - that says, fool ME once, is ashamedon - be ashamed of on you. You fool ME, you can't GET fooled again.
    To German in approximately: There is an old proverb in threshing floor lake - I white, it is (well-known) in Texas, perhaps (also) [here] in threshing floor lake - which means,put me once purely, to dishonor over dishonor over you. If you put me on the cross, then you can do no more over the ear gehauen to become.
    [Explanation: Bush meant the proverb Fool ME once supposed, is ashamed of on you. Fool ME twice,be ashamed of on ME. (If you me once clean-put, dishonor over you! If you clean-put me twice, dishonor over me!) Place of the meaningful second set of the proverb expresses Bush here however a sentence, that at the The Who - Song Won't GET Fooled Again reminded and expresses thereby, one is it (Bush) to outwit (again) to be over not even put.]
    (A film sequence, in which Bush expresses these sentences, is shown in the film Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael of moorlands.)

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