George William Hill

George William Hill (* 3. March 1838 in New York, † 16. April 1914 in west Nyack with New York) was US - an American astronomer and mathematician, whose methods are used for the course computation until today. He was with its work over orbit/trajectory disturbances and the Dreikörperproblem a most important theoretical astronomer of its time.

Hill locked 1859 its study to the Rutgers University . Starting from 1861 he worked on the Nautical Almanac - Office in Massachusetts. Here it concerned itself intensively with the Mondbahn - theory and developed mathematical methods for approaches the solution of the Dreikörperproblems - in particular the Hill' differential equation. In order to be able to ahead-count the planet courses around the sun for the astronomical yearbooks more exactly, it contributed also to solutions of the many-body problem .

In the years 1894-1896 he was a president of the American Mathematical Society. Between 1887 and 1910 he won several scientific prices in England and France and around 1910 into several royal academies was selected - among other things those from Edinburgh, Belgium and Sweden.

After it also the Asteroid (1642) are designated the Hill sphere, the hillschen equations, Hill as well as the Mondkrater Hill.

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