Georgenberger strong one

the Georgenberger strong one became to 17. August 1186 on the George mountain above Enns negotiated and consists of two parts. The first part is an agreement between the duke of the Steiermark, Ottokar IV. from the sex of the Traungauer and the duke of Austria, Leopold V. from the sex of the Babenberger. The childless and incurably ill Otakar left its duchy at Leopold and its son Friedrich with the regulation that Austria and the Steiermark always undivided should remain. The second part covered a clarification thatRight one of the steirischen conditions.

The territory of the Steiermark seized the far beyond today's Land of the Federal Republic, not only in today's Slovenia ( the lowest egg Mark), but also in upper Austria, where likewise the trusting gau (the area around Wels and Steyr) it belonged to.

The succession occurred 1192and since that time the Steiermark (with exception of a short intermediate play 1194 - 1196 and the time of 1379 to 1457) was connected with Austria always. The Georgenberger strong one was the first step for the education of the land complex Austria, as it itself then above all underthe having citizen in the late Middle Ages carried out.

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