George it Arthur Goldschmidt

George it Arthur Goldschmidt (* 2. May 1928 in Reinbek with Hamburg) is a French-German writer, essayist and a translator. It lives in Paris in France.

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George it Arthur (Jürgen Arthur) Goldschmidt comes 1928 into Reinbek with Hamburg as a son of the higher regional court advice Goldschmidt to the world. Although the originally Jewish family already in 19. Century to the protest anti-mash changed - George it Arthur becomes therefore also Evangelical-Lutheranbaptized - it does not remain spared by the Antisemitismus of the arising national socialism. The strained climate causes parents 1938 to send George it Arthur together with its older brother after Florenz where it with Professor. Paul Biswanger Unterschlupf finds. In March 1939continue to flee the brothers in the French Savoyen, where George it Arthur finds accomodation in a boarding school with Annecy. The there experiences it later processed the isolation (1991) in its narration. During German occupation Savoyens (1943-44) he is hidden by mountain peasantsheld, which protects it the safe Deportation. Its nut/mother does not survive the NS time however, the father returns from Theresienstadt to Reinbek, however short time dies later. He spends the subsequent years after release in a Jewish orphanage in Pontoise with Paris. After the Abitur in the year 1948 it takes up 1957 to the renowned Sorbonne a Germanistikstudium , puts it the French training exam down and informs from then on up to its retirement 1992 at different High Schools to andaround Paris. Since 1995 it is member of the Darmstädter academy.

Literary Goldschmidt works for the first time into the 1960er years. It begins to write it for considerable magazines, partly in co-operation with his Mrs. Lucienne Geoffrey, follows first essays and novelsin French language. Apart from the writer activity Goldschmidt makes itself a name also as literary critic and a translator. To the authors and philosophers translated by it for instance Friedrich Nietz, walter Benjamin, Franz Kafka, Adalbert founder, Johann Wolfgang belongGoethe as well as Austrian Peter Handke gotten used to with it, who transferred some works Goldschmidts at the same time into German.

1997 were lent Goldschmidt to the University of Osnabrück, an honor with that, so the specialist area speaking and literature science of the universityOsnabrück, its employment as “singular border crosser and Brückenbauer” between Germany and France to be appreciated is. Further it means on the part of the specialist area to Goldschmidts literary work:

“George it Arthur Goldschmidt has the historical responsibility of Germany and the crime of the Antisemitismus in theirextreme consequences for the particular visibly made. Its auto+biographic Prosa shows the dimension of the internal endangerment its, which comes into the Räderwerk of pursuit, in shaking way. “ [1]


the reason of the jury for the award of the brothers and sisters Scholl price

The brothers and sisters Scholl price is lent to a book, with which its author found the way back after two thematically similar work to the German language in this year. The narration „the isolation “draws the experiences of a child in most impressive way after, that to the victimthe arbitrariness measures of a dictatorship became. George it Arthur Goldschmidt illustrates us in oppressing pictures the experience of a victim, that cannot differently, than accepting gradually the role of the victim. Experience and language are in the text a completedConnection received. It testifies a proximity of both in the consciousness of the author, of which this speaks in the isolation: „As it at the reconnaissance car went past and did in such a way, as if the nothing would concern it, heard it two soldiers over itspeak. He greedily almost heard after the sound of the native language. For many years he had not any longer heard it, and he understood each word nevertheless. “We owe it to the poet George it Arthur Goldschmidt, if we of our native language and of us againunderstand somewhat more. [2]

works (selection)

  • the mirror day. 1982 („Le miroir quotidien “, 1981). Into German transfer from Peter Handke.
  • A garden in Germany. 1988 („Un jardin EN Allemagne “, 1986). Into German transfer from Eugen Helmlé
  • the interruptedForest.(„La forêt interrompue “, 1991). Into German transfer from Peter Handke
  • the isolation. Narration. Zurich: Amman, 1991
  • the punished narcissus. 1994 (Narcisse puni, 1990). Into German transfer from Mariette Mueller
  • the suspension. Zurich: Amman. 1996
  • over the rivers.Autobiography, 2001.Into German transfer from the author.
  • In presence of the absent God. 2003. Into German large ones the material
  • of the letter transfer from Brigitte. Essay. Berlin: Matthes & Seitz. 2005


  • Asholt, Wolfgang {[Hg.]: Studies to the work by George it Arthur Goldschmidt. Osnabrück. 1999
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  • Bonn, Klaus: To the Topik of house,Garden and forest, sea. George it Arthur Goldschmidt. Bielefeld. 2003

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