Georges Braque

Violin and Candlestick, Paris, spring 1910 (San Francisco )
Violin and Candlestick, Paris, jump 1910 (San Francisco)

Georges Braque (* 13. May 1882 in Argenteuil department Val d'Oise; † 31. August 1963 in Paris) was a French painter, commercial artist and a sculptor.

Georges Braque became to 13. May 1882 into Argenteuil sur its born. Its father was a decoration painter. 1890 moved the family to Le Havre, where the young Braque made starting from 1899 teachings as a decoration painter and at the same time in the evening class for thatÉcole Beaux kind mark instruction took.1900 it continued its studies in Paris . 1905 it got used to itself with Raoul Dufy . Through the salon of the Indépendants, where he was involved with six works, it took part in the acquaintance Henri Matisse, Albert Marquet, André Derain, Maurice de Vlaminck and others Braque painted thereupon in the style of the Fauves.

In the gallery of Daniel Henry Kahnweiler in 28 rue Vignon he became acquainted with Pablo Picasso and the pictures of Paul Cézanne, who became intending for its further artistic development. Together with Picasso it developed 1908 the Kubismus. 1913 he took part in the famous Armory show in New York. Starting from 1912 it created - like alsoPicasso - collages with letters or newspaper cuttings. 1915 were heavily wounded Braque in the war.

After the First World War it removed slowly from the Kubismus and painted themselves primarily quiet lives. Starting from 1947 Braque with the stone printer remote and Mourlot co-operated, since thenits Lithografien printed.1947 published Braque the Cahier de Georges Braque. Gradually Braque approached again the rather gegenständlichen art. To 31. August 1963 died the artist in its Paris dwelling.

At present its cubist works becomeand its collages at most estimated and issued.

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