Georges Pompidou

choice: 15. June 1969
office period: 20. June 1969 - 2. April of 1974
predecessors in office: Charles de Gaulle
successor: Valéry Giscard d'Estaing
birth: 5. July 1911 in Montboudif (CAN valley)
death: 2. April 1974 in Paris

Georges Jean Raymond Pompidou [ʒɔʀʒ pɔ̃piˈdu] (* 5. July 1911 in Monboudif, CAN valley, France, † 2. April 1974) was a French politician (Gaullist).


Georges Pompidou

both parents were teachers. While his preparation instruction on the Grandes Écoles at the Lycée made edge of Louis puttingit the acquaintance of Léopold Sédar Senghor and Aimé Césaire. 1931 it was accepted to the École normal Supérieure. Georges Pompidou habilitierte 1934 in the subject literature sciences and became a teacher. It informed first in Marseille and later in Paris.

In 2. World war looked for Charlesde Gaulle 1944 in released Paris after a contact man to the university. One presented it the Gymnasialprofessor Pompidou, a teacher for old languages and literature. Since that it belonged to the staff de Gaulles.

Pompidou remained de Gaulle also during the freiwilligen of exile in Colombey les Deux Églises 1946 -1958 faithfully, over then as a cabinet boss 1958 and of 16. April 1962 to 13. To function July 1968 as prime ministers of France under Charles de Gaulle. It always behaved loyal opposite general de Gaulle and acted the agreement from Evian to the completion of the Algeria warout, basis of the independence of Algeria, and endorsed the retreat of France from the military integration of NATO, just as de Gaulles “no” for EEC - the entry of Great Britain. After the resignation de Gaulles it became to 15. June 1969 as a president of France with 58,22selected and the office up to its death kept % of the voices 1974.

Which concerns its death, then authorities talked about a “cold” of the president, when at the disease forest-flow Pompidou gotten sick its dates to call off had. Still another one varnished one week before its deathin the Elysée palace the condition with a “easy, but painful container suffering.” Its successor became Valéry Giscard d'Estaing.

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