Georges memory

Georges memory (* 8. June 1907 in Paris; † 24. January 1978 in Maisons Laffitte) was a French wheel running driver.

In the age from 18 years memory was still as a supplier with the bicycle on the way, before it followed the Vélo club de Levallois. With the pointed name Le Dandy it won 1933 the route de France. It was supported by a French crew, in which also several later route winners drove. With the profit in the same year succeeded to the world championship to it as first drivers the double.

Even if he could not tie no more to his successful year 1933 and with its last three route participation no more the goal did not reach, he could be pleased still about three French Meistertitel.

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Personal record, cycle racing successes
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classifying with the route de France

  • 1932: 10. Rank
  • 1933: 1. Rank (3 stage-wins)
  • 1934: 11. Rank (5 stage-wins)
  • 1935: 6. Rank (1 stage-win)
  • 1936: given up
  • 1937: given up
  • 1938: given up

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