George lake

name: George lake
secondary name: Dwerusee
situation: East Africa
of countries: Uganda
surface 250 km ²
catchment area 9,000 km ²
maximum depth: 7 m
middle one depth: 2.4 m
volume: 0.8 km ³
water surface: 914 m and. NN
maximum one length: 23 km
maximum one width: 18 km
of supplies: Nyamwamba
of discharges: Kazinga channel

the George lake (also Dwerusee, English Lake George) is a lake in Uganda. It has a surface of 250 km ² and is directly on the equator. It was designated similarly the other lakes within the range East Africa niches of the Grabenbruchs after members of the English king family, in this case king George V.. It has a discharge over the Kazinga channel to the Eduard lake.

The north bank is taken to a large extent by humid areas. The lake has a rich diversity of species, particularly regarding birds. It is therefore a component of the Queen Elizabeth national park.

With Kilembe in the proximity of the lake lie Kupferminen, whose waste water loaded with heavy metals endangers the ecology of the lake sensitive due to its relatively small volume.

The three ugandischen districts Kasese, Kabarole and Bushenyi have portion of the lake.

Coordinates: 0° 0 ' N; 30° 12 ' O


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