Gerald Asamoah

Gerald Asamoah

Gerald Asamoah (* 3. October 1978 in Mampong/Ghana) is a German football player of Ghanaian origin, at present with Schalke 04. Its position is in the attack. Its pointed name “Blondie” is meant due to its origin rather ironical.

Since Asamoah is twelve years old, he lives in Germany. At school it with Fabian Ernst went into the same class.

Its career as a football professional it began 1990 with German Federal Armed Forces Hanover. 1994 it ascended into the professional crew of Hanover 96 . it changed 1999 to the fiber plastic Schalke 04. With Schalke it became 2001 and 2002 DFB Cup winners.

Gerald Asamoah in June 2005

since that 29. May 2001 (2: 0-Erfolg against the Slowakei in Bremen) played the Stürmer 38-mal (6 gates) (conditions: 8. November 2005) for the German national soccer team and became with the team with the soccer world championship 2002 in Japan and South Korea vice-world champion.

Its soccer player career was endangered as after continuous cycle problems a Verdickung of the heart septum was determined and it from medical view therefore suggests became its career to terminate. After an investigation by a cardiologist in the USA Asamoah continued its career.

Gerald Asamoah sat down for the medium campaign you is Germany in.

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