Gerald Brousseau Gardner

Gerald Brousseau Gardner (* 13. June 1884 in Blundellands with Liverpool; † 12. February 1964 on lake, of Lebanon coming) was an English colonial civil servant, author, a Okkultist, and an appointed witch master.

Gardner, which became acquainted with 1946 Aleister Crowley and temporarily its to OTO (VII.°) belonged, had contact after Crowleys death quite often to its pupils Kenneth Grant. It was also with Austin Osman saves well-known, from which it could be made occasionally talismans and Amulette. He was also a friend Ross Nichols, the later founder of the OBOD.

Gardner put Witchcraft Today” the basis for the modern witch religion Wicca (Wica) to 1954 in the magazine. Together with Cecil Williamson worked Gardner in the museum OF Witchcraft (museum of the witch art) on Isle OF One, who moved later after Bocastle, Cornwall. In the museum many of Gardners letters, recordings and pictures are issued.

Gardners grave is in Tunis.

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