Gerald bulletin

Gerald Vincent bulletin (* 9. March 1928 in Ontario, Canada; † 22. March 1990 in Brussels, Belgium) was one of the best artillery scientists 20. Century.


with enormous cannons tried to shoot achievements it into the orbit. For this project HARP one established a Testzentrum on the Karibikinsel Barbados - including superseded military equipment of US Army, which was glad, their outdated cannons, radar device etc. to become loose. At the beginning of the whole attempts constant shortness of funds prevailed, because researched at the same time who ago from brown with substantial financial support of the US Government at its rockets. Finally Dr. saw itself. To assume bulletin forced each financial support, which was offered, in order to finance its research further. Thus it came that it should develop for the Iraq an enormous cannon (similarly the V3 - cannon), also Israel to meet could and/or. was exactly to it aligned. The cannon with the pseudonym “baby Babylon” should with caliber of 35 cm one approx. 46 m long run possess. As position for the cannon the Jabal Hamrayn became - mountain (about 200 km north of Bagdad) selected, the goal was Israel. The project was defeated however at the beginning of of 1990 by the British secret service. To 22. March 1990 was from the rear killed bulletin before the door of its dwelling in Brussels with five shots. One assumes that an agent of the Israeli secret service was Mossad of the authors.

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