Gerald Ford

Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. (* 14. July 1913 in Omaha, Nebraska; actually Leslie lynch King, Jr., after an adoption) was renamed the 40. Vice-president (from 1973 to 1974) and the 38. President (1974 - 1977) of the USA. It was the only president of the United States, who neither when president nor as a vice-president through by the people selected electors had been selected.

Gerald Ford

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The way to the presidency

Gerald R. Ford was 24 years long, selected member of the US house of representatives from 1949 to 1973 for Grand Rapids (Michigan) and became “Minority Leader” (opposition leader) of the house. When the vice-president Spiro Agnew withdrew during the presidency of Richard Nixon, Nixon designated itas successors. US senate agreed with 92 to 3 voices, Ford to 27. To appoint November 1973 into the office. To 6. December agreed the house of representatives with 387 to 35 voices.

When Nixon had to finally withdraw in the course of the Watergate affair, Ford took overwith the words “our long national nightmare is more over” (our long national Albtraum is past) the presidency. One month later it amnestied Nixon for all criminal offences, which this had committed during its presidency. In the opinion all observer cost it this the choice 1976.


under its presidency turned out the US economy in the roll. In order to become the increasing inflation gentleman, it held in October 1974 a television speech, in which it requested the population to fight the inflation with the carrying of „whip inflation now “(VIENNA) - Buttons. The inflation(at the time at that time 7%) did not decrease/go back nevertheless. The flight of capital abroad continued.

Straight one because of Watergate succeeded it to the democrats to conquer the majority of the house of representatives and the senate with the elections 1974. In the legislation a fight between Ford and that broke Congress out.

When the country threatened to sink 1975 in the recession, in order to set the economy in motion again, lowered the income taxes.

Also on the international parquet Ford was surprised by a crisis: With the Mayaguez incident 1975 became, briefly after the red Khmer power in Kambodscha taken over had attacked, by the Kambodschaner an American trading vessel, the Mayaguez, in international waters. Ford sent US marine into the region, in order to save the crew. The employment troop landed however on the wrong island and met on unexpectedly violent resistance. The sailorsthe Mayaguez were - without the US Government knew this - already released. Several American soldiers were killed with the fights.

In Sacramento, California tried to 5. September 1975 a trailer of the arrested mass murderer Charles Manson named Lynette „Squeaky “pious one, Ford tookill. The Secret service could prevent the notice however. Only 17 days later, to 22. September 1975 tried to shoot Sarah Jane of moorlands Ford. This could be prevented however by a Passanten on behalf of olive Sipple. The Attentäterin was condemned to life imprisonment.

Personal record and private

Ford originate from Michigan and played American football at the University OF Michigan. Despite its successes Ford always applied as rather linkisch and tollpatschig. Stairs descended it rather stolpernd and pushed with its head repeatedly against the framework of the door of Air Force One. It rem furs persons unintentionally on. Its behavior was persifliert in numerous shows.

Its wife Betty Ford suffered longer time at alcoholism and was able themselves therapeutically from this illness to to finally release. Later it created the Betty Fordhospitals, in those alcoholismand in those also prominent one - for instance Elizabeth Taylor - is successfully fought to treat left itself.

Ford and its wife repeated themselves and into the recent past for the right to abortion expressed and to take in this connection in the republican party an outsider position(Pro Choice). As a president Ford expressed itself also positively in addition that young humans should enjoy sexual experiences without all too large moral objections, and stated in addition as example his own daughter. Ford maintains to today a remarkable friendship to the former German Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, even if this is only very reduced possible due to its age and its state of health.

1980 were nominated Ford nearly by the republicans to stand as a candidate as a vice-president from Ronald Reagan to. There it on relatively extensive authority existed and in particular Henry Kissingerwhen demanded a firm component of the new government, Reagan considered it in the last moment differently and selected themselves its largest rival George H. W. Bush.

Ford is at present only living former president over 90. The other three were John Adam (1735-1826), harsh ore Hoover (1874-1964) and Ronald Reagan (1911-2004). Further he is the secondaryoldest US president. Ford could at the 11. November 2006 Ronald Reagan catch up.

Of Ford future burial place is in Grand Rapids in the Federal State Michigan on the area “Gerald Ford of the Presidential museum”.


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