Gerard Damiano

Gerard Damiano (* 4. August 1928; actually Gerardo Rocco Damiano) is an US-American film director. Is most well-known it for its two classical Pornofilme Deep Throat (1972) and The Devil in measure Jones (1973).

Damiano buildup in the Bronx in New York town center . Its parents were italienischstämmige catholics; its father died, when he was six years old. Already as a child he loved films.

At the age of 17 years it committed itself for four years with the Navy. Then he learned the occupation of the Roentgen assistant, whom he did not like however, why he retrained to the hairdresser. Together with a friend it opened a salon to 1956 in New York.

Over its accountant he became acquainted with film producers and came in such a way into the film scene. 1970 it did not substitute as a director of a soft core strip named dte ever Tulip , for which it wrote also the film script, inspired by the topics for discussion of the customers in the own beauty and combing salon.

1972 it met Linda Lovelace, whose knowledge of the Deepthroating so amazing it considered that it wrote the Hardcore Pornofilm Deep Throat , which was turned in six days in Miami particularly for it. The film excited tremendous attention, in some states of the USA was forbidden, solved however on the other hand also a true wave „porno chic “out. Damiano became with an impact admits. it turned 1973 with The Devil in measures Jones a further Pornoklassiker, which had an artistic requirement contrary to many today's category products. To end of the 1980er - years continued it turning further Hardcore Pornofilme which are ranked among the better category. Since the film The story OF Joanna (1975), a variation history of the O - topic, he wrote the music to his films often also. Beginning of the 1990er - years, when the Porno motion picture film was dead, it turned still some Pornovideos, the last 1994. Since then he withdrew himself into the self-chosen retirement.

Gerard Damiano was three times married. With its second wife and two common children he pulled 1970 after away Myers, Florida, continued to work under the week however in New York. After the separation from its second wife it pulled to California, returned then some years ago to away Myers and lives now there together with its children. In February 2005 the documentary film Inside Deep Throat came out , which itself from the temporal distance of over 30 years with Deep Throat busy and Damiano admits again made.


  1. incoming goods universe Go down (1969)
  2. dte never Tulip (1970)
  3. Marriage manual (1970)
  4. CHANGE (1971; alternative titles: All About Sex; Sex U.S.A.; This film Is universe About “…” )
  5. Deep Throat (1972; as Jerry Gerard)
  6. Confessions OF Linda Lovelace (1973)
  7. The Devil in measure Jones (1973)
  8. Meatball (1973; as D. Furred)
  9. MEMORies Within measure Aggie (1974)
  10. Portrait (1974)
  11. The story OF Joanna (1975)
  12. Bottoms UP (1976; alternative title: The Magical ring)
  13. Legacy OF Satan (1976)
  14. Let My Puppets Come (1976)
  15. Waterpower (1976; only producer)
  16. joint venture (1977; alternative titles: Erotism Olympics; The Sex team)
  17. Odyssey (1977; alternative title: Odyssey, the Ultimate Trip)
  18. Damiano's People (1979)
  19. Fantasy (1979; alternative titles: Fantasy Iceland; Fascination; That Prickly Feeling)
  20. For Richer, for Poorer (1979)
  21. Skin Flicks (1979; alternative title: Midnight Blue)
  22. Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (1981)
  23. Never so Deep (1981)
  24. The Satisfiers OF alpha Blue (1981; alternative title: Alpha Blue)
  25. Consenting Adults (1982)
  26. Flesh & Fantasy (1983)

  1. Night hunger (1983)
  2. Return ton alpha Blue (1983)
  3. Whose Fantasy Is It Anyway (1983; alternative title: Gerard Damiano's private Fantasies)
  4. Inside Everybody (1984; alternative title: Gerard Damiano's private Fantasies 2: Inside Everybody)
  5. Night Magic (1984)
  6. Throat 12 Years after (1984)
  7. Flesh and Fantasy (1985)
  8. Forbidden Bodies (1986)
  9. Cravings (1987)
  10. Future Sodom (1987)
  11. Lessons in desire (1987)
  12. maximum Head (1987)
  13. Slightly Used (1987)
  14. Ultrasex (1987)
  15. Candy's Little Sister Sugar (1988)
  16. Ruthless Women (1988)
  17. Dirty Movies (1989)
  18. Perils OF Paula (1989)
  19. Splendor into the ASS (1989; alternative title: Sex express)
  20. Young Girls in Tight Jeans (1989)
  21. Buco profondo (1991)
  22. Just for the bright OF It (1991)
  23. Manbait (1991; alternative title: The load Couple)
  24. Manbait 2 (1991)
  25. Eccitazione fatal (1992)
  26. Le professor-eats sessuologia applicata (1992)
  27. the Naked Goddess (1993)
  28. Naked Goddess 2 (1994)

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