Gerard David

Haupttafel, Die Taufe von Christus Groeningmuseum, Bruges
main board, the baptism of Christ Groeningmuseum, Bruges
 Die Vekündigung The Metropolitan Museum of Art at New York
the Vekündigung The metropolitan museum OF kind RK New York

Gerard David (* around 1460 in Oudewater with Gouda; † 13. August 1523 in Brügge was a old-Netherlands painter.

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David was the son of the craftsman January David from Oudewater. 1483 came David to Brussels and occurred in the January of the following yearly as a pupil the local Malergilde. With the entrance into the Gilde David already applied as a pupil of Hans Memling. Apart from its artistic career it worked in Brügge also local-politically. 1488 designated the Gilde it as a juror for the advice of the city. Afterwards David held this office still 1495/96 and 1498/99. After the death of his master Hans Memling Gerard David became an official city painter Brügges

short the year ago 1500 married David in Brügge Cornelia Cnoop, a daughter of the chief of the local gold forging guild. With their it had a daughter. By this marriage, in addition, by its art, he became very wealthy with the years. Transferred it in situation to borrow to 1521 the Karmeliterinnen of the monastery Zion a larger amount.

1503 became David in Brügge member of the layman company of our love woman for the dry tree. In Antwerp he was registered 1515 into the Liggeren.

David's artistic work showed already early an own style, although supports are quite recognizable on January van Eyck, Rogier van the Weyden and Hugo van the Goes.

At the age of nearly 70 years Gerard David died to 13. August 1523 in Brügge.

From its altarpieces the baptism Christi in the academy and the cross acceptance in the church pc. kept - to Basile to Brügge, a Madonna with female holy ones and angels in the museum to Rouen and a Christ at the cross in the citizen of Berlin museum

different ones of works of David

  1. national Galery, London:
    • [[1]] cross acceptance - oil on the wood, 63 x 62 cm
    • [[2]] the Mysti marriage of sp Catherine 1505-10 Öltempera on the wood, 106 x 144 cm
  2. Louvre, Paris:
    • [[3]] the marriage at Cana C. 1500 oil on the wood, 100 x 128 cm
  3. metropolitan museum OF kind, New York:
    • [[4]] virgin and child with four angels C. 1505 oil on the wood, 63.2 x 39.1 cm
  4. Musée Royaux d'art et d'histoire, Brussels:
    • [[5]] Madonna and child with the milk soup C. 1520 oil on the oak, 35 x 29 cm
  5. museum of the beautiful arts, Budapest:
    • [[6]] the birth Christi C. 1490 board, 76.5 x 56 cm museum of beautiful arts, Budapest
  6. Koninklijk museum voor preserve arts, Antwerp:
    • [[7]] the holy women and sp Johannes at the Golgotha 1480-85 oil on the board, 45 x 42.5 cm
  7. old person Pinakothek, Munich:
    • [[8]] Anbetung of the wonderful
  8. Groeninge museum, Brügge:
    • [[9]] the judgement of Cambyses (left board) 1498 oil on the wood, 159 x 182 cm

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