Gerard Peter Kuiper

Gerard P. Kuiper

Gerard Peter Kuiper, actually Gerrit Pieter Kuiper (* 7. December 1905 in Harenkarspel, † 23. December 1973 in Mexico city) was an US-American astronomer of Netherlands origin.

To its study at the University of suffering it went 1933 into the USA and was busy since 1936 at the Yerkes observatory with Chicago. it created 1960 at the University OF Arizona the lunar and Planetary Laboratory.

Mainly it was occupied with the solar system. He knows the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere Mars after anddiscovered the atmosphere titanium as well as the Uranusmond of the Miranda and the Neptunmond Nereid. He worked also theoretically over questions of the emergence of the solar system and forecast the Kuipergürtel designated after him .

Kuiper was involved also in the search to suitable landing strips for the Apollo project,by it into the 1960er years as chief scientists for the Ranger - project of NASA of pictures of the moon probes analyzed. He is a probably most meaning planet researcher 20. Century. Ever a Krater on the moon, for Mars and on the Merkur carry its names.


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