Gerd toggle

Gerd toggle is a German musician, Comedian and an actor.

Toggle was initial member and up to its dissolution of 1988 singers the hessian cult volume Flatsch!.

At present Gerd toggle as well as Hendrik night home forms the Komikerduo bath salt. Since 2005 is toggle as well as Olaf Mill (ex “Flatsch!“) and Sepp'l Niemeier (ex “Velvet of university verses “and “Flatsch! ” also) to hear and on a first tour ( starting from April 2005 ) see as well as Willi Wagner and Peter Runcl also as the rough bachelors.


  • 1987 lock & seal (English. LOCK and seal) as Klaus (direction: Heidi Ulmke).
  • 1990 loud nice neighbours (TV serial) as harsh ore (direction: Rolf silver).
  • 1990 the super Dong Dong (live Comedy) in various roles (direction: Gerd toggle and Hendrik night home).
  • 1990 Och Joh (TV Comedy series) in various roles (direction: ?).
  • 1996 Abbuzze! The bath salts film (?) as ? (Direction: Roland Willaert).
  • 1998 bath salt TV (TV Comedy series) in various roles (direction: Roland Willaert).
  • 2001 the Sams - the film (Comedy) as 1. Policeman (direction: Ben Verbong).
  • 2004 core-soap - Kurzfilm animation - film script and voices bath salt (direction: Alexander Kiesl and Sebastian Stolle).

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