Gerd Leo Kuck

Gerd Leo Kuck (* 16. April 1943 in Wuppertal) is a German theatrical director, Dramaturg and a director.

After the school time in Duesseldorf it studied theatre science, Germanistik and history of art at the Universities of Cologne and Freiburg.

1963 it began its first commitment as direction and a dramaturgy assistant at the national theatre Karlsruhe . Its way as Dramaturg and a director led it across the Ulmer theatre, Frankfurt ACT, the national theatre Stuttgart and the national theatre Kassel to the castle theatre Vienna, where it was firmly engaged from 1975 to 1986. 1986 to 1992 it was again engaged at the national theatre Stuttgart, starting from 1988 as a deputy director of play. 1992-99 were Gerd Leo Kuck artistic director Schauspielhaus Zurich. Since 2001 he is a general manager of the again-created Wuppertaler stages.

From 1972 to 1975 Kuck taught to the Johann Wolfgang Goethe university Frankfurt in Frankfurt, since 1979 has it a training order for practical dramaturgy at the University of Vienna.


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