Gerhard fig

Gerhard fig (* 19. November 1951 in resounds) is a doctor of theology and since 2005 catholic Diözesanbischof of Magdeburg.


Gerhard fig became at the 1. April 1978 in Magdeburg from bishop Johannes brown to the priest geweiht. As Vikar it worked in salt whisks and Magdeburg. Subsequently, he works from 1982 on the philosophical-theological study (today catholic-theological faculty of the University of) Erfurt as an assistant. After its graduation to the doctor of theology (1988) and a following one year's study stay in Rome it taught as a lecturer in old persons church history, Patrologie and Ökumeni theology in Erfurt. 1994 took place its appointment to the professor for old persons church history, Patrologie and east church customer.

To 19. July 1999 appointed Pope Johannes Paul II. Gerhard fig to the bishop in Magdeburg and Titularbischof von Tisedi. Gerhard fig received the Bischofsweihe at the 11. September 1999 by bishop Leo Nowak in the farm servant citizens cathedral sank Sebastian. As Konsekratoren thereby the bishops Joachim worked Wanke (Erfurt) and Paul Werner cross-eyed one (peppering castle) also. Its Wahlspruch reads: „Vigilate et orate “(be awake and pray, Mt 25, 41).

After to 17. March 2004 the resignation farm servant citizens of bishop Leo Nowak for age reasons of the Pope was accepted, selected farm servant citizens the Kathedralkapitel Dr. Cowardly one to the Diözesanadministrator for the time of the Sedisvakanz. To 23. February 2005 appointed it Pope Johannes Paul II. to the successor of Leo Nowak as Diözesanbischof. The office introduction was to 16. April 2005 in its bishop church sank Sebastian in Magdeburg, those by the papal Nuntius archbishop Dr. Erwin Josef Ender and the Metropoliten of the church province Paderborn, archbishop Hans Josef Becker took place.

As special request of the bishop the Ökumene and particularly the relationship with the Orthodoxie with strong personal interest in the churches are considered to university ores. It already received permission to 1983 for celebrating services also in the Byzantine rite (see. Biritualismus). Since 1993 it belongs to the common commission of the Greek-orthodox Metropolie of Germany and the Roman-catholic church in Germany. Still at times as a professor regular seminar journeys with students led it after Lemberg (Lwiw) in the Ukraine. See also for this with cardinal Ljubomyr Hussar, large archbishop of the church Greek-catholic with Rome university ores.

1992 appointed the German bishop conference Dr. Cowardly one to their delegated one in the working group of Christian churches in Germany. In addition bishop Feige is member of the Ökumenisch theological working group in East Germany.

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