Gerhard Pa ELT

Dr. Gerhard Pa ELT (* 16. February 1937 in Urbanstreben, Niederschlesien) is a German politician (CDU) and mayor von Wandersleben.

After the Abitur Pa ELT studied physics at the Friedrich Schiller university Jena until 1962. Subsequently, he worked as a scientific assistant on the university for architecture and building industry Weimar. it attained a doctorate to 1967 as Dr. rer. nat. Starting from 1967 he worked as subject teacher for physics, building material customer and building chemistry on the school of engineering for building industry Gotha.

it occurred 1984 the CDU. 1990 - 1998 it was member of the federal daily.

Since 1998 he is a mayor von Wandersleben.

It angagiert itself as a chairman of the regional organization Thuringia in the association for German culture relations abroad registered association.


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