Gerhard shepherd

Gerhard shepherd (* 18. October 1937 in Stuttgart) was from 1989 to 2002 judges at the Federal High Court.

After completion of his legal training 1965 shepherd established himself first as an attorney , before he occurred 1967 the law service of the country Baden-Wuerttemberg. 1968 he the district court advice and 1972 were appointed the regional court advice at the regional court Stuttgart. Already in October 1974 then its appointment as the chairman Richter at the regional court took place.

After his appointment to the Federal High Court in the year 1989 shepherd belonged first to that 2. Criminal senate and short time at the same time that 3. Criminal senate on, before the presidency it 1991 that 5. Criminal senate assigned, which resided at that time still in Berlin. That 5. It should belong to criminal senate last at the same time until 1996 - as a member of the large senate for criminal actions. Starting from 1993 was shepherd besides deputy chairmen of the senate for chartered accoutant things and the senate for tax counsel and tax representative things. In August 1996 shepherd was appointed the chairman Richter at the Federal High Court and transferred the presidency in the 1. Criminal senate.

1989 received the Schillerpreis of the city Marbach at the Neckar for its documentation to shepherd to the church fight in Württemberg.

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