Gerhard Seyfried

Gerhard Seyfried (* 15. March 1948 in Munich) is a German writer and caricaturist.

Ziska Riemann und Gerhard Seyfried
Ziska Riemann and Gerhard Seyfried

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Gerhard Seyfried completes first from 1963 to 1967 a theory as an industrial trader, who follows further training as the customs commercial artist with Jopa Eiskrem Munich. But in October 1967 it already begins a study of the painting and diagram to the residents of MunichAcademy for the graphic trade. End of 1969 taken place its forced withdrawal from the academy because of strikes against the emergency acts and it becomes starting from 1970 an independent commercial artist and caricaturist for advertising agencies, local companies and residents of Munich the city magazine sheet.

Since 1971calls itself Gerhard Seyfried as a free lance caricaturist and lives starting from 1976 in Berlin, which since that time the background for its Comics and Cartoons forms. From 1978 on he spends several study stays in the United States. In the year 1990 becameit as the best German Comiczeichner with the max and Moritz price international Comic salon attaining excellently. With Gilbert Shelton and Paul Mavrides he drew Freak Brothers story (Phineas' bend show) for 1992. it wrote 1996 with Mathias Bröckers hemp in the luck. To1999 it published ten Comic - albums, of it three with the citizens of Berlin authoress and draftswoman Ziska Riemann. 2003 appeared the volumes Seyfried's Cannabis Collection. Gerhard Seyfried works occasionally also as commercial artist, translator, model construction amateur, photographer and a journalist. Famous, but not publicly, is its international police star collection.

Gerhard Seyfrieds Comics play frequently in Berlin, and those stories are settled in the left, anti-fascist Hausbesetzerszene.

To a work stay in Solothurn (Switzerland) it returned 2004 to Berlin. 2003its historical novel Herero, 2004 appeared the novel the black star of the Tupamaros.

works (novel)

  • Herero, calibration fount Berlin 2003, (over the rebellion of the Hereros in the former colony German southwest Africa, the today's Namibia) ISBN 3746620260
  • The black star of the Tupamaros (novel), calibration fount Berlin 2004, (a dear history from the 70's, those in the Anarchoszene and the surrounding field of the movement 2. June plays) ISBN of 3821807547

works (Comics)

  • where target all ending, red book publishing houseBerlin 1978
  • Freakadellen and Bulletten, elephant-press Berlin 1979
  • invasion from the everyday life, red book publishing house Berlin 1980
  • the black Imperium, red book publishing house Berlin 1984
  • escape from Berlin, red book publishing house Berlin 1990
  • Let The bath of Time roll, red book publishing house Hamburg 1997
  • bulls, Bonzen and citizen of Berlin, red book publishing houseHamburg 1998
  • Future Subjunkies, with Ziska Riemann. Red book publishing house Berlin 1991
  • space of hybrid, with Ziska Riemann. Red book publishing house Berlin/Hamburg 1993
  • Starship Eden, with Ziska Riemann. Carl EN publishing house Hamburg 1999
  • Seyfrieds Cannabis Collection, night shade publishing house Solothurn 2003


  • 1979 elephant-press Berlin
  • 1986 gallery Däberitz Bergisch Gladbach
  • 1987 Dortmund
  • 1990 congress center attaining
  • 1990 Chamisso gallery Berlin
  • 1991 Mannheim
  • 1991 „Grimm on fairy tale “ Kassel, Västeras (Sweden), Rotterdam (participation)
  • 1991 invitation to the international book fair Buenos Aires
  • 1992 Brussels (participation)
  • 1992 Bloise/Frankreich (participation) with Ziska Riemann
  • 1994 academy of the arts Berlin (participation)
  • 1997 house Hungary Berlin with György burner (+)
  • 1998 gallery rough mischief, Berlin
  • 1999 Moritzbastei Leipzig with Ziska Riemann
  • 1999 invitation after Namibia to a lecture journey over Comics inLanguage instruction
  • 2000 Comic salon Munich with Ziska Riemann (participation)

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